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Agent 91x

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Birthday: 01/19



So my name is Agent 91x, but I go by AJ, 91 or even x if you like. I'm the proud mule of Raikiri-taisho, set up to help manage the zOMGaian Clan. I am a mod there and i monitor threads and invite users. My main is the mod of the main clan, zOMG Elite. If you were invited by me and would like to add me then feel free. Also don't be shy to PM me, but not my main account, because I don't accept random PMs on that one >.<. But anywho, if you'd like to get to know the person behind the mule just go here or if you're looking to join the proud zOMGaians, just look here. So thanks for stopping by my profile and good luck in your Gaia endeavors n_n.

Also, if you like this profile layout or the one on my main I designed both of them and I'm free to be commissioned to do a profile for you, so just PM me and we'll talk. Thanks,

- 91


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OniKenta Report | 07/25/2009 6:41 am
thanks mate! hope i'll be hearing from you soon
Kuramasan Report | 04/29/2009 10:54 pm
why did you clone yourself again...?