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This is the story of Liz, a 16 year old girl from North California. She is a Pisces (western) and a Rooster (eastern). She is going to be a Junior in high school (year 11) in late September. She is Mexican American, but loves the asian culture more than her own.

She is a super mega addict at Manga. That's the only warning she will give you cause she is over the charts with that. She loves shoujo mangas the most. She has a collection of 200 (going to be 211 soon <3), but she read waay more than that, more like over 2,000 volumes and still plan to read some more. Cause of this, she also watches anime, but one she loved this past Spring 2009 season was Eden of the East. <3

Other than just anime/manga, she likes cartoons, too. But for sure, it has to have a good plot and be pretty at the same time. She's basically likes cartoons that fits for any girl in her teens (Total Drama Island, 6Teen, Totally Spies), but other than that, she also likes boys cartoons, too (Danny Phantom, X-Men Evolution, Iron Man (the new cartoon)), and also s**t that everyone loves (Family Guy. ;D). She likes A FEW TV-shows, cause 3D are like bad at acting, so she only have to say that she is currently loving That '70s Show.

As in Music, She loves a certain selected. So it will be better if you just ask her about her last FM account. She loves to Draw alot and wishes to be an artist when she grows up, and be in a 4-girls team manga-kas for at least 1 series.