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I enjoy long-term and semi-long-term, literate RPs. (That does NOT mean I like erotica.) Ask me before you try to start an RP with me. If you don't your PM will be deleted without response. No random PMs unless you have something to say.

-Female - Pansexual - Poly - Switch-

Member of Parenthood Guild
"For the parents of Gaia to get together and share stories."



My name is Crystal. I'm a Christian and a Stay-At-Home-Mom to two kids under 3. Don't judge, that's a job that you don't get money for.
I'm a writer currently trying to get published. I also love to read. I love to draw. My art style is anime, since I love anime and it's the only thing I'm any good at drawing.
My deviant art page:

I do have a discord, you can ask if I rp with you regularly.
I will be RPing mostly on this account so that's all for now.

-Female - Married - Poly - Pansexual - Switch -

RP Character:
Name: Aura
Species: Half human, half elf.
Weapons: Skilled in sword fighting and spell casting. She carries her katana with her. She also carries her dagger on her right hip, and a pouch containing five inch long, metal skewers, often tipped with potent sedatives, on her thigh where it is hidden.
Appearance: She has silver hair cut short, and pale blue eyes and gold-toned skin. She wears dark leather pants that fit loosely in the legs, held at her hips by a thick belt; a second identical belt slipped down her left hip and holds her katana securely. She has soft leather boots that allow her to move silently. She also wears a black shirt with a silver star painted in it and black leather arm guards. And often a black trench coat or black hooded cloak over it that hides her weapons.
She has several scars arms from shoulder to wrist. On her right side she has a very jagged scar and one next to her belly button where she was impaled.
Personality: Aura is very quiet and puts on an outward appearance of being cold and distant. She keeps this front because she prefers to be alone rather than in large crowds as she's faced a great deal of distrust and rejection because of her being a half-breed. She's rather friendly and a bit shy until she is challenged where she has total confidence in her skills.
Her skills in magic are very advanced for her age. Aura is confident in her skills as a mage (also known as a spellcaster) and her knowledge of the magical realm and most magical items is great. She's never lost a fight involving magic. She can summon and use Ancient Magic which, for a half-breed, is extremely rare as their bodies can't handle that type of power for lengthened amounts of time.
Basic Background: Aura was lost in the snow in the middle of winter when she was only a couple of days old and found by a group of mercenaries and mages who raised and trained her in sword fighting and elven magic. After the death of Elisa when she was nine she trained extra hard to complete level three magic and left the group the following year. She's been on her own since she was ten-years-old. For about six months she worked freelance bounty hunting, working her way up to the point where she was accepted into a bounty hunting guild, becoming a registered hunter. After three and a half years she quit the guild after the tragic death of a fellow hunter she'd become close to and has wandered from place to place ever since.
---Due to the fact that I've done just about all I can with Aura. I made a new character. I still will RP as Aura is some of my established places and in PMs that I've already started with her character but I'm going to be changing most of my RP over to this new character.---

Name: Ryka Amandil
Age: 27
Race: Human
Appearance: She's 5' 5'' with light brown eyes and long brown hair, streaked with blond and red highlights, she mostly wears in a single long braid down her back.
Mostly she wears a pair of tan pants made from leather and a simple cream colored long sleeved shirt with a dark brown leather vest over it. Around her small waist there is a belt that holds a few different pouches and a sheathed knife with an engraved bone handle. Her build is athletic with a thin waist and full breasts. She carries a leather backpack with her at all times.
Skills: She's proficient at archery and often carries a long bow on her and a quiver of arrows. Her other skills are healing with herbs and mixing cures. She holds a small host of rare herbs in the pouches on her belt. She also carries several in her backpack in addition to other things used in making cures and the supplies she may need in her travels.
Back story: (What I have so far anyways) Ryka lost both of her parents to illness when she was only seven. She was taken in by a healer who taught her the art of making cures and how to mix and identify herbs. When Ryka was fifteen she set out on her own, taking the skills she was taught with her. Since she has no real home she wanders, curing sick and injured people she meets. She will come back to some places she's been through but she never stays in one place for too long.

**Please note that I will likely not use Ryka for all of my RPs. For most of my private RPs that I do in the PMs, I will likely make a whole new character. She'll most likely be who I use in the forums should I ever return to RPing in the forums.**

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