Greetings, buttlings!
My name is Allison, but please call me Alli.
No, you can't call me anything else.

so here are some things about me that i will publicly share
- im in college
- i dont really label myself as a gamer but i like playing games that are of my interest.
here's my psn: afapulous
- im a bit of a narcissist
- im friendly
- it just really depends on my mood
- i like being called a princess
- but im not putting princess on my username because it will make me look like a pu.s.s.y

if you have any other questions, feel free to send me a private message wink

here's a recent pap of me

If you have seen my pap, you now have an idea of what i look like
and you can imagine what facial expressions i make
whenever i use these fugly-butt emoticons
stare 3nodding blaugh gonk stare

oh and im a filipino. kamusta kayo!