Greetings, visitor!

I am Afanassii Abez'iana, a Sekassiret Jack of all Trades from Converse. I have been traveling in the land of Gaia for some time now .... a few years, I believe. Recently I have been trying to come to the aid of the people of your world in zOMG.

My world is quite different from yours and I'd gladly trade stories with you some time. It may seem difficult to believe, but my people have mastered the ability to travel through dimensions. I have come to Gaia with this technology and also a bit of luck I'm delighted to make new acquaintances and happy to come to the aid of your people.

At home I was quite the domestic boy, but ever since I struck out on my own I have been selling my talent, so to speak. I am an entertainer, a bard, by trade. If you'll lend me your ear I will gladly play you a song.

I look forward to getting to know you.


((Afanassii is a fictional character and as such, please remember I am:

Meaning that if you don't see (( before and )) after the post, you will be interacting with Afanassii exclusively, not the person behind the account. If you wish to speak to that person (well, people, really... or arrange any RP's please contact the Gaia account Chazzamatazz

Here's the short list of what Nassii is willing to do:

* Serenade young ladies (or 'gents) in Towns or zOMG
* Aid you in zOMG in any quest he is able when he is online
* Interact with you (or one of your characters) on the forums, in an RP or on yahoo messenger.

- pretty much anything goes. As long as it is not offensive and we are familiar with the fandom, we may join you.
- cyber/adult? - yes, provided the plot is good but this must be arranged for off-site and is exclusively for 18+ because Nassii isn't a ***** and we don't want to break the rules.

This is the only warning you get about the nature of Afanassii. I have it posted here as a disclaimer so as not to mislead anyone. On-site romance is good (and will make him very happy!) but I don't want anyone falling for Nassii for real only to come to find that he isn't what/who they thought he was in the end.

Please interact with this account by treating it as Afanassii himself, thank you.))