Let's keep this short and sweet, shall we?

I'm a Canadian girl, who's going to university to be a Pharmacist! I'm entering my second year this fall, and I'm excited. As difficult as university is, I love every minute of it; I've met so many fantastic people and had loads of fun.

I love anime and manga, and I have since I was in 4th grade (I can thank my older brother for that)! If you're curious as to what I like, feel free to message me (be warned that I only watch anime of the English subbed variety. Japanese voice actors are super talented, and I'm too impatient to wait for stuff to be released in North America anyway).

I'm also a sucker for cute things! Gaia has so many super cute items! Like the slippers! Love all the animal themed slippers! Haha x3

I listen to music all the time, I've really been into trance the past few years (ASOT and GDJB for life ;]). I'll listen to just about anything, but keep country music and mainstream pop and rap s**t away from me kthx.

Message meh if you wanna talk, I don't bite.


(Donation List has been moved to my journal! Thanks to everyone who has helped me, you're the best. <3)