I have oficially been on gaia since 11/04/2004~
i just switched accounts I am back to my old account. If you want it, ask me.

~*~my name is Seth~*~
a.k.a. Stephanie
i don't really hate music
but i could not live without it
im 14 now
i live in maryland
i think i suffer from depression
but the doctors have yet to diagnose me with it

but dont let me bring you down
im single taken single taken confused taken married
yeah, im girly at times
but im just being myself
im atheist
im very essentric
i like to dance wher you're not watching
Jeff Buttle is just about the most amazaling person ever
bu that title goes to heatherbaby
and i like to make up words
im beautiful
~*~and slightly concieted~*~

omg! i luff you eiri (prokyoryru)
you're my best friend in the whole wide world

OK PIX (or it didn't happen)

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Report | 05/04/2009 3:53 pm


Wow You Avitar, It Turns me on!

*Starts to Masterbate in front of you*

Report | 04/26/2009 1:41 pm


Oh my god! Your avi is completely different! Holy sh*t!
it looks nice.
I know I miss messing with people on the chats. but its back up now! so we should do it again sometime! =]

Report | 03/04/2009 9:53 am


Old Aqueduct is past Bass'Ken Lake, to the west.

I could help you with the doll sometime, if you wanted.

Report | 03/04/2009 9:47 am


I killed the doll a while ago, actually. I'm to the Old Aqueduct area.

Report | 03/04/2009 7:37 am


Haaaah, I don't get that often, actually! I only have a few friends on here that are also on FP, and I mostly hang around soloing on zOMG! so people don't have time to recognize me :3
P 4 n d i i B 0 t

Report | 03/01/2009 3:12 pm

P 4 n d i i B 0 t


I think tennis will be cancelled tomorrow with the snow and all.
P 4 n d i i B 0 t

Report | 03/01/2009 3:09 pm

P 4 n d i i B 0 t

lol. I'll clean up my hole I dug in your backyard. I'll bring it whenever I put it on my ipod.
P i k k u - C h u

Report | 03/01/2009 2:21 pm

P i k k u - C h u

Grrr... zOMG page didn't respond and closed me out!! >< I'm so pissed at my computer!!
P 4 n d i i B 0 t

Report | 02/27/2009 5:13 pm

P 4 n d i i B 0 t

I finally got another Dir en Grey cd!!! It's the 'vulgar' one!!! >3 I'm so happy!!!
Akira Umenokouji

Report | 02/26/2009 5:37 pm

Akira Umenokouji

Haha!! Do you know what pooty-tang means?

I'm not a perv....


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Bella Luna.
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Let's Dance.