Rawr! Hi. I'm Aessillem, and that is what you will know me as. : D Umm, I'm a pretty one-dimensional 17 year-old. What you see is what you get. I'm a roleplayer, a realist, a pessimist, an ex-japanophile, and a full time singer/writer.

I love singing, and if I HAD a webcam or a decent camera, I'd have a recording for you guys, but I don't, so, here's a picture of me holding a microphone! To tide over the anxious masses. I crack myself up...

User Image

And uhhhh...give me ska and jazz and I'll be happy forever. <333

OH! Speaking of cosplaying. Yes...we were speaking of it. Anyway, if you know of any (Non-sucky) animes I might be physically able to cosplay as a character from, your input would be much appreciated! I have shoulder length brown hair, blue eyes and pale skin. I have glasses but I suppose if needed, I can blunder about without them.

Recently, I made a promise that when I'm famous and rich, that my brother and I will have a sword fight on stage. I must remember this promise and live up to it!

w00t! I know the GeeDee. I saw the title and I knew some guy was talking about his naughty bits.

I shouldn't be proud of that. Gods I have no life.

FoxChi13: Why the hell do I need to know how to find the dimensions in a triangle?
FoxChi13: I mean, they say it's for building things and stuff. Do I LOOK like I'm going to build things? No.
PanDaemonAeon213: Isn't it obvious?
PanDaemonAeon213: They're trying to make us into an army of evil lumberjacks <_< >_>

((Quick! get some tea from Japan! In Japan, tea fixes everything!))

I know, but you can't joke about the kilt. The kilt is sacred. The kilt is everything. The kilt is probably the only reason why they haven't carted me off to the asylum because they're afraid my bad fashion sense will rub off on the other patients.

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HellKnight Azrael

Report | 08/01/2008 6:46 pm

HellKnight Azrael

Hey! I just got a couple of pictures up onto My Photobucket if you want to see them.. More are coming, don't worry! lol I only had time to take and upload those ones xD
HellKnight Azrael

Report | 07/31/2008 10:41 pm

HellKnight Azrael

Oh, really? xD I wouldn't call you violent! lol User Image

My hair strategy allows me to be anywhere doing anything while I'm in the process of it xD As long as it's washed, I'm practically done! lol I most certainly do not wash my hair every day though, I should show you a bed-head picture of mine! lol

OUCH! lol Corbin and I have swords, but our guns are just more effective without seriously MAIMING each other.. XP My CO2 gun can break the skin from 50 feet away! lol I'd better stop myself before I go into super-details.. lol

True! At least I'll BE a Father. (Hopefully..lol)


Unfortunately, I've got to sign off for now.. I haven't slept since around 3 PM my time YESTERDAY.. and I've got pictures to take for you tomorrow! XD This has been EXTREMELY fun, though, even just in the Comment Box! x3 I'll be on again tomorrow, most of the day, as I've got nothing else to do besides those pictures and other small whatnot.. lol.


Good Night, Larissa!! ^_^ *Kisses her other cheek* xD

*Thinks to self: Hopefully, she'll be so stunned by the combination of kisses, by tomorrow when I get back on, she'll still be here, LOL!*
HellKnight Azrael

Report | 07/31/2008 9:45 pm

HellKnight Azrael

I'm tough, I can take a hit! xD LOL!

I was eleven years old! lol XP If I could go back and tell myself not to even THINK about that I would have done it YEARS ago! User Image I can't imagine you with a hairstyle that I wouldn't like User Image Honestly! xD Listen to me, the master of hair lol NOT! To do my hair in the morning all I do is wash it, comb it, SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE like a dog, wait until it's dry, and then using my fingers, fluff it up to the way I want it, LOL!

You're probably right x3 Besides, I can always take my airsoft gun and ambush him if he pulls anything on me in the car User Image (Can't you just see how I'll make such a great Father Figure someday? xD)

YES! lol I had a lot of fun texting you when you were in the car on the way there! User Image

-Bass (I am so getting this tattooed somewhere!! [Nick = Total Loser sometimes] xD)

PPPS: *Sneaks in to the side when she's not looking and kisses her on the cheek* There's goofball, for you! ^_^

HellKnight Azrael

Report | 07/31/2008 9:06 pm

HellKnight Azrael

That's what I was going to do tomorrow! :'D You're such a lucky duck, if it were anybody but you I'd make them wait for stuff! xD I meant I'm keeping them up there JUST so you can see me! User Image Trust me, I don't really much like looking at my own ugly face every time I go onto my profile! User Image lol It's quite the opposite with yours, though... x3

I've only dyed my hair once, right before seventh grade, and I looked like a retard. lol It was bleached tips in gelled spikes, and I've never been more ashamed of my own decision before!! XP I always wonder what I'd look like with dark brown hair like my brother's.. but I just can't see myself without sand-colored highlights somehow when I look in the mirror.. lol It's disturbing.

Corbin counts as FIVE screeching six-year-olds!! xD I hope I survive.. I'll text you when I'm in the car, ok?


PPS: (B <3 S) User Image

HellKnight Azrael

Report | 07/31/2008 7:56 pm

HellKnight Azrael

Pfft, I lack cool-ness! lol I'm more like that weird internet kid! xD How did your Mom get dragged into this?? DID YOU SHOW THEM MY PICTURES? LOL! I'm fine with that, they're still on my profile so you can see me anytime you want! :3

I like your new avatar change User Image It's very original! x3 I'm about to change mine, too.. (If you look at the bottom of my About Me, you'll get a Sneak Peek) I've had this one and my username for too long.. I'm getting itchy for change! >D

I'm about to leave for Bear Lake (on the Utah-Idaho border) with my family from Saturday morning until Monday afternoon, so I probably won't be able to call until then.. But I'm going to be texting you while I'm there, ok? :'D


PS: (B + S = ^_^) xD
HellKnight Azrael

Report | 07/31/2008 4:20 pm

HellKnight Azrael

Tell all your friends that you're with I said hello for me! xD


If you tell me when you do, I'll call you when you get back! ^_^

HellKnight Azrael

Report | 07/31/2008 11:14 am

HellKnight Azrael

Hey, you! ^_^ I hope you're having fun on your trip to Rhode Island!

I miss you already! lol

-The Bass

xD (This effectively makes you the Soprano! lol [Does that make you a gangster too? xD])
~Ming Yun~

Report | 06/17/2008 9:23 pm

~Ming Yun~

Thank you for the comment on my profile. ^^

By the way, I thought it said "p***s". -___-. Then I did a double-take. DX

Report | 05/17/2008 6:32 pm


thanks 4 buying
Miss Lady Juice Box

Report | 05/08/2008 8:10 pm

Miss Lady Juice Box

Aw, thank you! <3


Nice car!
Where'd you get your ride?
A trophy? Badge of honor? Overcompensation?
Price tags advertise your pride.
Since when did what we pay for colored cloth gauge our gravity?[/align:b422eabe8b][/size:b422eabe8b]