My name is Aeryn. Despite this account's age, I have been a member since 2003.

Ignorance, stupidity, racism, and homophobia annoy the hell out of me.

I'm almost completely anti-social. Why?
People bug me. Too many of them take a perverse delight in doing stupid things.

I like random, not retarded.

I don't like excessive chat speak, but I won't complain about misspellings or improper grammar.
Like all literate people I prefer the proper use of capital letters and punctuation.

I have random bouts of dyslexia that mess up my spelling.

I tend to flirt a good deal more than I should I suppose.

I'm very protective of my friends and family.

I'm a complete cuddle-whore. I am also a pre-op transman who hopes to start HRT soon.

It does not make you cool to point out the mistakes of others.
It only serves to make more people dislike you and point out your flaws.

The 'Golden Rule': "Do unto others as you would have other's do unto you." Memorize it. Live by it.

I ADORE David Bowie. I also have had a crush on Spock (Nemoy) since I was six.

If you want to know anything else, I have messengers, a comment box, and a PM box. Use them.


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Much to many peoples disapointment Im still alive and kicking lol
and lurking in the shadows of places

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How it do?
Dark Lord Karl

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Dark Lord Karl

duuude! I realised i totaly missed one of your posts >.<
We need to make our characters meet each other. SOOON!
Dark Lord Karl

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Dark Lord Karl

DEAL! I will cook pancakes for you in nothing but an apron xD
Dark Lord Karl

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Dark Lord Karl

Awwh please. promise there wont be another fiasco!
Dark Lord Karl

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Dark Lord Karl

Why thankyoooou ^^
Gackt = Sex xD
Natira Cousland

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Natira Cousland

I was looking through my accounts and found comments from when you Hitori-chan. Add Amaretta Sunrise please. Its my old account. Remember when it was Captain Santiago, then Lord Kaye -siiiiigh- Memories

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Guess who got a new compy? *eyebrow wiggle*


I wonder who likes me?

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