I might be naked underneath

Only if you promise to buy me dinner...

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TV is bad for you.

This is me.

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Last Login: 07/01/2011 11:57 pm

Registered: 12/20/2003

Gender: Female

Location: New York City


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I am a retired Gaian...

I don't accept new friend requests or read my mail. I only poke in here and there to wave hello to my friends or sneak a peek at the new items.

No, I don't give away old items or things like that.

Yar heart

I'm in the middle of rebuilding my profile, so I threw up a pre-made layout from Illusional Flair. This...isn't really my style...but I thought it was a nice change xD


Meh, I ignore you all.

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XxP3RixX Report | 09/19/2008 5:18 pm
why hello thar
Lady Mist Report | 11/29/2007 10:29 pm
*waves* ^^
kuku bear Report | 08/02/2007 11:25 pm


Come home bby.


This war is tearing us apart!

-horrible sobbing-

Call me betch.

I'm lonely and you're the only person willing to talk to me for more then five seconds~

kuku bear Report | 07/31/2007 12:34 am
-crashes through wall-

User Image
kuku bear Report | 06/15/2007 11:02 am
DOES THIS MEAN IT'S SLIPPER TIEM? :<span style="font-style:italic"></span>DDD <3
crzy4chem Report | 04/30/2007 6:27 am
Hey grlll we so totally have to go and get the rice pudding lol, sorry it's been while but my comp at home won't l;et me post on ppls pages i dun know why, but i am in school now writing to u lol...woop woop
kuku bear Report | 04/06/2007 1:43 pm
Happy easter to you too~ <3

Just make sure that zombie Jesus doesn't see you. D:
Hitokirivon Report | 03/31/2007 8:09 pm
uuuuuu I dun want them tho, its ur sis and i wouldnt touch them, they dun concern me xD
kuku bear Report | 03/30/2007 12:05 pm
Since when did you like Deathnote? D:<
kuku bear Report | 03/29/2007 6:06 pm
Don't wear the pengies! D:

You'll kill them!! ;__;