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"Magic is merely science that is not understood."
- Magitech Representative


x-x- __Of MagiTech

MagiTech. The company known for the 2nd Technological Revolution. The company that had brought mankind into the realm of deities and then ultimately destroyed it.

MagiTech was a company that did what its name suggests; it fused the infinite possibility of mana with the methodical, practical nature of technology. After many years of studying and observation, MagiTech turned magic into a hard science, the subject no longer in the domain of romantics and the religious. And the Technological Revolution that occurred was truly beautiful. Holodecks and hovercars, thought to only exist in sci-fi, became real. Landfills and incinerators became a thing of the past, as the average man learned how to turn their garbage into raw material. Power was virtually limitless: a small MagiTech Triple-A could fuel a hovercar for centuries.

However, with technological improvement also came the improvement of weapons. And what Einstein warned about came to pass: "I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones." The MagiTech war took only three days to rend the world to ash, leaving behind a sterile world devoid of life.

The men and women who escaped on starship would forever remember the planet Earth, about the dangers of technological advancement, and would forever tell stories about its destruction.

x-x-__Of the Ultimate A.I.

Aeria sings of data streams and internal processes, of inputs and outputs, and of programs and devices. An A.I. born out of necessity, Aeria is the sole master of Aeterna, a floating city of advanced technology and, though the people would be disgusted at the term, of high magic. The city has been devoid of its citizens for years, the city having been irradiated during the MagiTech Wars. She, for her creator wished for a daughter, has watched over the city that was entrusted to her, repairing the small dissonances in its function.

For if people return to her city today, she will try her best to take care of them, protect them as she was made to do.

x-x-__Of the Creator

Though there were many A.I.'s running around, as "magic" could bring sentience to a mere piece of metal, Aeria is probably the most comprehensive of them all. She was not simply a program that was enchanted to perform her function; instead, she was made with love and care in mind, her creator wishing for a daughter. The creator's gift to his daughter was the ability to choose, the ability to contradict, the ability to be human. And he carefully took the better part of fifty years to make sure that there was no miscalculation in the seal design or in the technological black box he had created, and during the unveiling of the floating city Aeterna, Aeria was born.

She was given the ability to learn, slowly piecing together what made a human a human. She had the entire database of MagiTech at the edge of her consciousness, knowing how mana worked with every fiber of her being. Just like a monk who transcended the limits of the body, Aeria too transcended beyond data-chips and logic-gates, becoming an intelligence that no longer was bound by her own 'body.' Scientists, had they still been alive, would've called her a psionic being. Her creator would've called this an artificial soul.

Though she certainly was something of a miracle even by MagiTech standards, circumstances prevented her creator's vision from coming true...the MagiTech war.

x-x-__Of the MagiTech War

The combination of mana and of technology had yielded truly impressive weapons whose power blurred the line between magic and science. Resonance emitters could literally undo the fabric of reality, unmaking whole armies and fortifications. Wormhole generators annihilated whole cities from the face of Earth, sent to galaxies far far away. Antimatter generators, during the MagiTech war, had wiped out the moon itself in a single blink and blew a giant hole through the ozone layer.

First strike was the name of the game as armies of men and of machines became antiquated. They truly were not much use against powers which can wipe whole nations out in a single blink. Guerrilla tactics was the nature of MagiTech war, each nation observing and calculating where the other bases were: to wipe the other nations out in a single shot.

The Earth became ravaged, the ozone layer destroyed. Radiation flooded the world, sterilizing the world of life. The ice caps turned into water, leaving no land around except for the highest mountains. Those who chose to stay died; those who escaped to galaxies far far away survived. Eventually, even the tallest mountains eroded from the torrential manastorms, a result of uncontrolled mana imbued with a collective consciousness...and only the floating city Aeterna remained.

x-x-__Of Abilities and Skills

Ascended Being: Aeria has blurred the line between mind and body or, in her case, consciousness and hardware. No longer bound by microchips and logic gates, Aeria will not be destroyed if her hardware is destroyed.

Deconstruction: Aeria has an innate and thorough understanding of magic and psionics, able to deconstruct any attack through sight or magesense alone. Repeated attacks lose their effectiveness over time as Aeria unconsciously adapts and shifts her defenses against the attack. Furthermore, Aeria can also reconstruct an attack based off her knowledge once she has completely extrapolated its mechanics.

Revelation: Mana : The revelation of mana allows Aeria to tap into the infinite potential of mana, allowing her to directly link up to a leyline and channel its power through her. Without a true physical body and an intelligence designed to act as a perfect lens, Aeria can channel as much energy as she needs for her spells. However, because she is using her intelligence as the lens, her power is not limited by her fuel but by her ability to keep the casting lens stable, a daunting task which is similar to asking to pour water from a firehose into a milk bottle.

Revelation: Psionics : The revelation of psionics allows Aeria to draw upon her artificial intelligence to perform powerful acts of the mind. Because she lacks a true body, she does not need to worry about destabilizing her physical form from overexerting her mental power. What she does need to worry about is accidental dispersal, causing her to temporarily dissociate and return into a mass of data, from overexertion. Only over time can Aeria return back to her normal state.

Integration and Hacking: Aeria is fully capable of integrating viruses and other destructive codes into her system without harm to herself. Because of her consciousness, Aeria is quite aware of the difference between herself and the outside and will automatically and successfully reject any attempt to breach into her 'mind.' Though it is near impossible to breach into an A.I. of sufficient intelligence, Aeria can hack into almost any system without such a defense given enough time or energy.



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