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Aeon Nightmare Report | 06/27/2007 11:03 am
Would you guys care/like the idea of having a cbox in a alternate website?
Artistic Repertoire Report | 06/09/2007 1:15 am
hiya whatcha been doing lately User Image
Artistic Repertoire Report | 05/13/2007 1:26 pm
hello to you too!
smartysib Report | 05/06/2007 3:14 pm
Hi i like ur profile 4laugh
Artistic Repertoire Report | 03/25/2007 6:47 pm
thats the best fight ever cloud vs sephiroth!!! heart
Lilith Sakura Report | 03/11/2007 12:57 pm
Hiya!! hey u have an awsome page!!! i like final fantasy too!! XD
Artistic Repertoire Report | 03/11/2007 10:37 am
thats cool how your profile page has that thingy on the side sweatdrop heart
Emotionless Hitokiri Report | 01/03/2007 6:56 pm
Kudos to your Decline of Video Games 3 sig.

That's all, just felt like looking through a profile. ^^
Artistic Repertoire Report | 01/01/2007 4:47 am
trinity blood is an awsome show
TinkerBell1923 Report | 12/31/2006 12:13 am
heart I was just stopping by to wish u a fun and safe new to you later okay bye

Everything removed, other then the chat. I'm tinkering with it, for now.