I'm Advicable Helper, and I'm helping Gaia be safer. Though I'm nothing special, I'll warn you if you have something on your profile/in your journal or anywhere else that might get you reported and banned.

Feel free to send me PM's with questions about what to put in your profile, but anything else, report to the moderators or the assistants, or even the developers. It depends on what the problem is (I can also give help on who to send the message to).

I like writing, and I also like reviewing other people's stories. Mail me the link to your Arena-entered story, or one in a forum, and I'll send you a review.

I am not a staff, I am a normal Gaian, but I like to help.

Thank you for visiting me.

Advice xxx


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Sunnie Baudelaire

Report | 04/04/2010 8:34 am

Sunnie Baudelaire

Hi, Advicable Helper. Thanks for the message you put on my pro. I'm delighted to have a friend, and have you rated and commented it (to be answered when it comes out) and I'll wish you all the best for the future.