Adrian Sung Rathforth.

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Hello and welcome to all. It would seem that you have stumbled upon my lonely page. Do not mind the crow that is feasting on the blood, it’s just having a bit of a drink before it does my bidding.

Well, there isn't much to say. But I am addressed as Adrian Sung Rathforth, or in other ways just Adrian, if you wish not to address me of my proper name. I am humbly known by nickname as the butler and then to some that have hired me as the assassin.

I'll continue on adding more, once I feel inspired. For now all you know is that I exist.

Please. For all the sake of asking, I wish if you would not add me to the any sort of friends list/ stalker list, if I have not even spoken to you once or maybe even twice. Least give me a singe “Hello” or welcome greeting to get the introduction of a long and beautiful friendship on the way. In terms I want more then just a “Hello” then add me to a friends list, sorry I will not abide with that term. I do talk after all, even if I do bite as well. But I will bite harder if you disobey this rule of my wishes.