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SoCal / Artist / Filipina (but could barely speak Tagalog nowadays but try me boi)

-triggered whenever mystic messenger is mentioned so proceed at ur own risk
-i actually know what bara is fite me b***h
-self-studied jap so i can understand that s**t but id suck at replying in it
-give me wl items and ill 10000000% do the same wae u do dis
-i love to gift so if ur randomly gifted, its prob me idk
-talk to me boi, i love talking bout a lot of things ok
-mostly in art shops but sometimes on exchange prob

who ******** reads these things anymore


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Stuff I come up with.

Everything that I produce :D


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Dear Genesis Report | 12/25/2018 5:56 am
Happy holidays!!!
What’s up!
Dear Genesis Report | 12/24/2018 11:15 am
U r alive
Yumehearts Report | 04/13/2017 12:07 am
u and ur complete seabreezeee i want dem wingsss
Yumehearts Report | 04/12/2017 12:29 am
i miss youuuuuuuu <33 hehehehhehe
Dangsin-nim Report | 03/27/2017 10:41 am
ya ikr! id rather just
not take the money at all if i have to deal with these kinda ppl and endure all the frustrations rolleyes

glad it was fun at ur work!! hmm for me i had good food
im always on the prowl for good food thats like a staple for me everyday hoohohoho i had sushi n sashima n they were heavenly mmmm
Dangsin-nim Report | 03/26/2017 12:15 am
omg yes yurio is so cute!! redface hes a smol angry cat i love it

YA I BLOCKED HER BACK TOO LMAO first time im blocking someone tbh
ya i understand if they explicitly state it but when they dont its just frustrating like,,,, so did u see my offer or not lmao
HAHA omg they were sellin it on hte MP? so ungrateful D8 at least like keep it in ur invo or gift it away and pass on the generosity if theyre not using it smh
Dangsin-nim Report | 03/25/2017 12:05 pm
s**t lmao people get pissed when u drive within limits???? tf they on,,, ikr BETTER TO BE SAFE THAN SORRY LIKE DUDE U AINT GON COVER MY INSURANCE IF AN ACCIDENT HAPPENS????

ya theres no weeb threads in cb now emotion_donotwant theres only the occassional "do you watch anime" kinda threads that dies off after page 2 HAHA . omg yes pls do watch it and let me know so we can spazz together its good s**t emotion_drool

i know right??? she seems like an exchange type of person, i dunno man, but she doesnt have many posts so i assume she doesnt hang out in the forums a lot so ill be save in cb heaven emotion_dowant
exchange people r rly annoying they keep trying to lowball to profit but when u make offers like 20-30% off their items they ignore u lmfao?????
Xygnus Report | 03/24/2017 9:38 am
Dangsin-nim Report | 03/24/2017 2:16 am
I LOVE DONUTS!!! emotion_drool ooh i see! wow u can drive? I think I'll never get a license myself because I'm too afraid to, I might drive too slow and piss of other people behind me HAHA. If i ever get to anime expo one day I'LL COME VISIT YOUR BOOTH!!

im quite selective in the threads I post in cb, i avoid those shady ones that talks about sex/relationships and all the j**z, like im not here for that im only here for the weebs and anniemays emotion_0A0
oh so like a hangout thread right? i used to hang out in the yuri on ice hangout thread in the cb and made lotsa friends there but like the thread kinda died because the anime ended haha so sad
HAHA okay! if you need any help with the charity, let me know ya! ill gladly help

eh not really, but omg this user the other day blocked me because i told her she traded the wrong amount and she got really salty, like she agreed on 1bil per hell portal so i traded her a full trade which should be 30bil right? but she traded me back 28bil and i asked her nicely about it if she traded wrongly, and then she just pmed me back "fine w.e sent it again" and then cancelled the trade and blocked me rofl i dont even know what i did wrong
Dangsin-nim Report | 03/24/2017 12:28 am
HAHA i guessed right! What were u busy with? On the contrary im on gaia most of the time bec i have nth else to do 8')


my expensive af art shop

follow for art updates!

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