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I guess here is where you learn about me.

I am a generally easy person to get along with as long as you speak civilly to me. I tend to be a bit distant and generally avoid confrontation unless I absolutely have to.

I work Monday - Friday during school hours with special needs children. This is constant during the school year, I can't be online at that time.

I am PANSEXUAL and proud. Don't understand? Ask me.
I am POLYAMOROUS and proud. Don't understand? Ask me.
I am GENDERFLUID and proud. Don't understand? Ask me.
I am HAPHEPHOBIC. Don't understand? Ask me.
I am COLORBLIND. Don't understand? Ask me.
I am NERDY and proud.
I am AGNOSTIC with polytheistic view. Don't understand? Ask me.
I'm a SAGITTARIUS and proud.
I'm a COSPLAYER and proud.
I'm a ROLEPLAYER and proud.
I'm a GAMER and proud.
I'm a SEKE and proud.
Don't judge me for who I am and what I do and I will show you the same respect.

I don't have any preferred pronouns, as long as they are not ridiculous any pronoun is fine by me.

Disrespect will not be tolerated. I will report you.
Art theft will not be tolerated. I will report you.
Terroristic comments or notes will not be tolerated. I will report you.
Extremely obscene and crude remarks will not be tolerated. I will report you.
Attempts to shame me will not be tolerated. I will report you.
Am I clear?

I am a complex person, if you have a question, ask.
I am in over 50 fandoms, if you want to know, ask.
I am willing to do voice collabs, if you are interested, ask.
I am willing to roleplay, if you are interested, ask.

I am NOT required to roleplay with you. If I say no, please respect my answer.
I am NOT required to collab with you. If I say no, please respect my answer.
I am NOT always able to be on. If I do not answer right away, please understand.
I am NOT required to deal with petty drama. If you start it, I will ignore it.
Please respect my personal rights.

I love BOOKS.
I love MUSIC.
I love ANIME.
I love MANGA.
I love COMICS.
I love DISNEY.
I love DC.
I love MARVEL.
I love CAKE.
I love CATS.
I love DOLLS.

I wish I had cat ears.
I wish I was taller.
I wish I could have a perfect body.

I am addicted to Mountain Dew.
I am addicted to Yu-Gi-Oh cards.
I am addicted to Conventions.
I am addicted to porcelain dolls.

So now you know a little more about the crazy behind this account.
Anything else you need to know? Feel free to ask me.

Arigato gozaimasu!


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LadyofSinh Report | 06/23/2016 7:57 pm
how's it going~?
LadyofSinh Report | 06/23/2016 1:28 am
Efariey Report | 06/20/2016 12:09 am
Ty for the purchase... 3nodding
XanderHeartless Report | 08/28/2012 5:42 pm
love the avi~!
Reni_GoldenStar Report | 12/22/2011 9:03 pm
Thank you for your purchase, and have a happy holiday.
Tokutaro Nakamura Report | 12/07/2011 11:45 am
Tokutaro Nakamura
Alright, I'll put in a request to have off, though I'm sure that should be fine. I'll pay $85 to round it up so it's even and exact, so it should be fine. He doesn't have to be calm, excitement is perfectly fine for me. THe only thing I'll need is sure transportation to and from the bus stop smile And That I can pay for, whether it be gas, or otherwise.
Tokutaro Nakamura Report | 12/05/2011 12:35 pm
Tokutaro Nakamura
You have no need to worry about me coming in at 2-3 am.

I also have a few rules that I will like to instate. I'm 22. I WILL NOT BUY ALCOHOL FOR UNDERAGE INDIVIDUALS. PERIOD. I had a problem with people hounding me about it, and I had gotten kicked out of my room because I wouldn't at AUSA, so I had to go back home.

The other thing is, because of my military injuries I will need a flat cushioned surface to sleep on. Whether that's the couch or a fold out bed. I don't mind sharing, but please for the love of god make sure it's with someone who showers. I'll also be bringing food such as Ramen Cups, Bottled Water, etc. I usually come a day before the con so I can buy these things. I WILL make sure everyone remains hydrated and fed. I'm a good guy like that. XD I can more than definitely help you keep the guys in line. Besides, I'm not a crazy screamy con-goer biggrin
Tokutaro Nakamura Report | 12/05/2011 11:00 am
Tokutaro Nakamura
I dunno yet. I don't think I have a room....And I'd need one of those.
Tokutaro Nakamura Report | 12/05/2011 10:55 am
Tokutaro Nakamura
I live in Bristol, PA, right off of Philadelphia.
Tokutaro Nakamura Report | 12/05/2011 8:50 am
Tokutaro Nakamura
I was so angry I had to miss it D:. I wanted to go but I had no transportation.


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