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A few stuffs about ME...=)

Hey! My name is Iqra (ick-ra). Yeah, I know its hard to pronounce, but whatever. I'm from Pennsylvania. I moved from New York and honestly i miss it there. I hate this state. sad I heart sweet things and spicy food (indian/chinese). And lastly, i love making friends but no more on gaia, all about facebook now. (;

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XxHuggles_KittensxX Report | 06/04/2010 9:20 pm
Hey what's up?
nice profile ^(^.^)^
Labcat X Report | 02/13/2010 5:21 pm
Labcat X
lil_lonely2332 Report | 09/27/2009 8:26 pm
lil_lonely2332 Report | 09/12/2009 8:04 pm
lol could you say hi to them for me? smile lol
lil_lonely2332 Report | 09/06/2009 7:06 pm
lol it will be so wonderful, if i sit with a bunch of cute girls wink
lil_lonely2332 Report | 09/05/2009 12:07 pm
kool sad
lil_lonely2332 Report | 09/03/2009 5:50 pm
its ok i dont have a seat during the lunch sad
HelloMisterDoom Report | 09/03/2009 12:54 pm
okkkkk, ttyl i suppose
HelloMisterDoom Report | 08/25/2009 7:25 pm
i started today, heres my number 8134542032
lil_lonely2332 Report | 08/25/2009 6:32 pm
oh omg my firstday in skool so terrible and its still going on

Wow. When I looked this over after so long, I thought about all my immaturity. I was so young, wanted so much. Maybe i'll come back to this a few years later and think the same. For now, im done with gaia and im on to my new fave, facebook. <3 smile

But to make all of you happy, i'll list some things about me:
-Cats <3
-Hersheys Milk Chocolate, Recesses, M & Ms, and Tootsie Rolls biggrin
-Straight Dark Brown Hair, Brown Eyes, Tall (5'6), and um yeah. (:

Guess thats it biggrin

Hey (:

Junior, i love you forver (:

Love you Bry!! ^.^

You'll be my best friend forever. :)