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This handsome devil of silicone, carbon fibers, fabric and a monitor for his head is me, happy, Happy-Pax. and it's a given that its nice to meet me, buuut~ its pretty rad to meet you all too I guess.

now this dude on here is my good ole' buddy capm'nine-pin. Now enough about him this aint his profile, its time to tell y'all about the main event..ME xd blaugh

If you couldn't tell I like to talk..about a lot of things, almost anything really. First ima tell you about where i hale from, the big city D-TOWN!! blaugh (Deus Ex Machina) the place is a dump full of boring a** machines and more corruption than the politicians thats run the joint but sometimes theres some pretty juicy stories that we need to bring to people attention, and sometimes those stories require a bit more...persuasion than the average news stories that the media shoves in your gullet.

now heres the cool part, me and my dude here where built and programed with a little tiny glit-t-t-ch. we have these "bonus features" of sorts kinda like special editions, we can do things that are freakin incredible. nine-pin has an annoying ability called "perfect recall" where he can dig up any memory from anytime hes been operational even when there are some i wish he'd forget. me however i can control and manipulate sound waves that we all generate.

now thats all i can really tell y'all but hey you now where to find me if you ever wanna chit chat wink

Peace out!

Model specs:

model: monitor drone-A____Designation: Field reporter

Make: 3023

serial #: 6296657706

Height: 1.8 [m]/ 5'11 [ft]

Weight: 108.862 [kg]/ 240 [lbs]

Energy source: perpetual plasmic power Core

Hard drive: fusion-iion drive

internal processor: G5 aphelion-COS

external processor: Exynos deca zts

known status: Termination_____Pending...


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Lindsay_Whimsy Report | 12/28/2018 11:16 pm
nice profile
JolieTheLibra Report | 03/15/2016 2:41 pm
nice profile
Kit-Kat The Elder Report | 10/19/2013 4:11 pm
Kit-Kat The Elder
thank u for that im really happy heart
LtJoltFlak Report | 07/10/2013 11:23 am
Pimp!! twisted mad
Xmadecupcakex1 Report | 04/25/2013 12:55 pm
not trying to be rood but why do you keep on sending me a pitcher of your porfile love u sexy b***h rofl heart
Kit-Kat The Elder Report | 08/17/2012 12:50 pm
Kit-Kat The Elder
thanks for changing your houtfit u look so much hoter heart heart heart heart heart heart heart
Kit-Kat The Elder Report | 08/09/2012 10:46 am
Kit-Kat The Elder
yes u were cuter please change lol lol heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart heart
Kit-Kat The Elder Report | 08/06/2012 4:24 pm
Kit-Kat The Elder
i mean u canched your out fit and your out fit look hot but i have a bf but look on top of my profile heart heart heart heart heart heart mrgreen mrgreen mrgreen arrow arrow arrow arrow arrow
Kit-Kat The Elder Report | 08/06/2012 1:18 pm
Kit-Kat The Elder
u chanched wye gonk burning_eyes
kitty_master_11_11 Report | 06/27/2012 10:27 pm
my bf my forever my always love you heart heart please forgive me




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