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I'm a literate rper, and will rp on comments or in messages or in guilds (if we share one). I'm also quit good at coming up with plots, as I've both played and run many table tops games. I can also easily adapt this character to fit into many different settings with really just a few tweaks. (For example, if it is a world without magic, then instead of having any abilities she would simply be schizophrenic and think she has abilities. Or, for worlds like Doctor Who universe, it wouldn't be magic, but more something to do with a non-earth life form, perhaps.) I also might play a younger version of her should the plot need it (I will inform you within the post if this is the case).

Feel free to comment me any time, I'm always up for rp. ^_^

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Name: Adella Faust (claims no relation to any famous Faust)

Nickname: Demon Child

Alignment: well meaning neutral

Age: 19, but is often mistaken for being younger due to her short height and mannerisms. She's been mistaken for being as young as 13 by someone approaching her from a distance, and 16 when they get closer. Looking younger than she is does bother her.
Height: 4'6''
Weight: Generally between 50-60 pnds. Fluctuates depending on how healthy she's been, but always underweight.

Appearance: black curls and large black eyes, pale, often malnourished, claw mark scares covering her back and one set on her left leg, sometimes has bite marks on her arms. When in an asylum wears an oversized shirt, when not wears simple dresses. If choosing her style she likes 50’s rockabilly styled dresses, or 20's fashions, but sun-dresses are easier to come by.

Education: Dropped out around 3rd grade. Most basic levels of addition and subtraction and reading, that’s about it.

Skills: Dancing (could be professional), singing (can carry a tune).

Powers: See and channel the supernatural/spirits, is drawn to the supernatural and the supernatural is drawn to her, can open portals/summon creatures through dance/blood magic.

Note for mind readers: Reading her mind is difficult at best, as first one must wade through the spirits (many of which are less than cooperative). There is also the danger of encountering the being infection, which causes excruciating pain upon contact.

Note on having her will power taken away: be this through the use of drugs (unless the drugs specifically hinder her from being able to move her body at all), knocking her unconscious, or through the use of machine or power to try and control her mind. This lowers her defenses, and allows spirit, demon, or Infection to take over.

-Physical: Malnutrition, constant fear and stress, as well as unprotected exposure to the elements means she is rarely healthy. She is especially prone to illness after a long or difficult channeling event.
-Reality perception: She spends so much time in and out of the spirit realm, she has a hard time telling the difference between that and reality.
-“Demon gifts” in the form of all the usual things: food rotting when she tries to eat it, nightmares, nightmarish visions, unexplained injuries, etc.
-“Infection” Physical manifestation of a creature which has taken up residence inside her. It mimics fever and illness, makes a thick black substance (registers as ectoplasm) drip from her nose mouth or eyes, contributes to her fading sanity, and has more power the more stressed she is. ((MORE DETAILS AT BOTTOM.))

Diagnosis: Adella is diagnosed with PTSD, Insomnia and Schizophrenia. Her primary symptoms are frequent auditory and visual hallucinations, thought disorders, delusions of demons and monsters (which sometimes keep her from eating), and has suffered from the three different forms of catatonia at different times. Seems to suffer from malignant catatonia every few months, often resulting in a stay in the hospital.

Personality: The main word most often used to describe her is "mousy".

At her best Adella is curious, kind, and well-meaning. She never seemed to outgrow child-like wonder and delight in the small things in life, though she has also gained quite a bit of wisdom, things some people never learn. While she can play the part of innocent, she is anything but naïve. Generally, she is perfectly aware of both the situation she is in and the kinds of people she is dealing with, she simply finds it adventitious to pretend otherwise and let everyone underestimate her.

Unfortunately, Adella is very rarely at her best. More likely, she is scanning her surroundings constantly and trying to assess what is real and what is not. Or, more importantly, what is a real threat and what is not. On top of the worry for bad things showing up or losing control of her barriers allowing the demons access to her form (which needless to say never ends well), she also tends to panic from social interactions. Often times when interacting with new people in particular, she grows nervous and overly fearful of messing up or doing something wrong, and is prone to apologizing repeatedly when it isn’t needed to begin with.

History: she doesn't go into it much, but she essentially grew up on the streets and in asylums. There is a long file on her from the many different asylums, a few murder scenes she has been found at, and many of her therapists have gone missing or gone mad themselves before she somehow winds up in a new location.

INFECTION: Infection, as she calls it, is a psychic parasite of sorts which has attached to her. It has been a part of her for too long to be removed without causing her death. It can be removed from a new host if attempts are made early enough. Removal would require magic of a sufficient level.
Requirements for being a compatible host is the experience of great loss, helplessness, and suffering for a prolonged period of time. These are the experiences that fuel the parasite, and it can spread the suffering of its host to others with contact. Quick contact causes great pain. If upon entering the body the host is compatible, it will spread. If the host is not compatible, the host will go mad. Catatonia is the most common end result for those who are not compatible.
The Infection itself is limited to the experiences and suffering of its specific host, though while in control of multiple hosts also seems to function as a sort of hive mind between them. Only while in control of the host. Speaking in unison when many infected are together is common. The host may or may not be aware of its presence, but remains in control of their own body for the majority of the time.

The host grows weaker as the parasite grows stronger and more sentient. Lifespans of those infected are naturally short. Children infected don't live past early twenties. Adults infected last around five years at the most (depending on the strength of the individual physically and mentally). Those past their mid thirties are not compatible. Only biological humans are compatible. The parasite seems to avoid meta-humans.
Those infected are all (after infection) pale, black of hair and eye, and infertile.
Most commonly the suffering endured should be fresh for maximum compatibility.
The parasite also seems to prefer willing hosts, given the option, but not always.
The Infection mimics illness when in control of the host. Fever, sweating, and vomiting, are all common just before Infection has full control.

The Infection began out rough and small. Upon taking control of it's host it would have difficulty moving, forming words, and be irrationally violent towards its own body and anything near enough. But as time passed, it began to grow more sentient. By this point in Adella's development this particular sample is sentient enough to begin its own agendas.

Weaknesses: The infection seems to respond to music. Being drawn to it, and certainly distracted by it. Psychic or supernatural/magical assaults will make it retreat.

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Mad Mr Hatter Report | 08/21/2013 12:48 pm
My God, aren't you a lovely little thing >:}
Zagreus Aurora Report | 06/12/2013 8:18 pm
Ah, hello. ^_^ Thank you for accepting my friend request, I do look forward to role playing with you sometime in the future. 3nodding
MarveIIous Report | 01/09/2013 12:18 pm

User Image

[[ Oh! I knew there was a brother somewhere, I didn't know much about him though. xD ]]

Kurt took a deep breath as the demon spoke, Adella's words repeated in his head as he had to remind himself not to get angry. Finally, the mutant just sighed, now pushing aside what the demon said. He watched, rather amazed, as the demons were sucked into the hole in the ground. His eyes then looked to Adella and he noticed the blood beginning to run from her nose. It was probably taking a lot out of her just holding up the circle around them. "We are done here, then." He said, thought it was said more as a question than a statement. Nightcrawler did not wait for a reply though, as he put a three-fingered hand on her shoulder, the two of them disappeared into a crimson red cloud. They teleported just outside the door and he lowered his hand. "Are you alright?" He asked, looking down at the girl. He knew from experience that using your powers constantly and for as long as she had, you were bound to weaken.
Jzen White Report | 01/08/2013 10:48 pm
^.^ I like your outfit! So cute! ^.^
Richard Savage Report | 01/08/2013 9:10 pm
Alright, I can wait patiently till tomorrow if I have to.>.< I am feeling a bit off tonight anyways.
Richard Savage Report | 01/08/2013 8:35 pm
He always had been a restless one, always on the move, always shifting between forms and moving through the shadows, and always on the hunt for prey. He had just finished his hunt for the night and had made his way back to an old abandon shake that he had currently been calling home whenever he needed to rest. Pushing his head up against the door, it would slowly creak open for him as he staggered inside and collapsed onto the worn out mattress inside to rest for awhile. His massive jaws and head were noticeably stained with specs of blood that he couldn't clean off. While his side had at least three noticeably trickles of blood running slowly down his side and onto his back and stomach now that he was laying down. The wounds were already starting to heal since they weren't caused by silver bullets or blades, he just needed to rest for a little while.
Not even ten minutes ago had the sound of gunshots echoing off the trees throughout the forest could be heard, that were followed by men shouting and a dog yelping out in pain. It had continued on for at least five minutes with the gunshots becoming less and less frequent, and the yelling turned into screams and panicked cries until silence had overtaken the forest. A silence that had been broken only for a few seconds with the sound of a wolf letting out loud howl in its victory. Such a commotion would either scare whoever was walking the forest paths away, or drawn them in to see what had happened. In which they would have found the wounded beast staggering away from where the short battle took place, and go inside of that old shack.
(Not that great, and actually kind of different for one of my posts considering how the plot is set up.>.< Either way I hope it works, and I usually get better as things go on.)
Richard Savage Report | 01/08/2013 8:25 pm
Hm, well I hasn't had much of a reason to be human as of late so I suppose he'll be the wolf till Adella decides to coax him out or he finds himself in need of saying something.>.< I'll have a response up soon
Richard Savage Report | 01/08/2013 8:01 pm
lol. Hm, I can try and think up something to start a role play if I can.>.< Would you prefer richard to be in his human form for the first meeting? ^_^
MarveIIous Report | 01/06/2013 5:09 pm

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"Hellfire." Kurt repeated the name. It took a moment for it to kick in, and he felt rather stupid for not recognizing the name. "As in The Hellfire Club? Or The Inner Circle?" His yellow eyes narrowed at the small creature in front of them. If that is what the little demon meant, then the 'she' could be referring to Emma Frost, otherwise known as White Queen. Or maybe this was all set up to drawn a greater being than her. And the look he was receiving from the demon as if it recognized him, but he had no recollection of the creatures. Could it be from his days in the circus? Nightcrawler frowned, looking to Adella. "They look at me like they've seen me before, but I don't remember seeing these creatures." He said, loud enough for the demons to hear, but his voice was still low, gripping the holy water in his hand. His tail waved with annoyance behind him as his gaze went from Adella to the direction of the demons up the stairs, then at the demon in front of them, "How do you know me?" Asked the German mutant, slightly angered. Could it be possible that these creatures know of his father Azazel?
MarveIIous Report | 01/05/2013 2:49 pm

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[[ I'll have to look into getting it. *o* And yes, I did. Though I spent it babysitting my cousin's lil' boy and playing Pokemon. :B I would never be capable of giving one sentence responses, I'm just.. not able to do so. xD ]]

Following close behind - but not close enough as to possibly step on her or trip somehow - Kurt watched what Adella had done to one of the demons. Just a single sheet of paper seemed to have weakened it and frightened the other ones. Now that he was able to make out what they were, they didn't seem nearly as terrifying as he thought. They were like evil kittens, except.. not cute. At all.

The only way to get the little creatures to cooperate with them was to frighten them, possibly even show them who it was they were dealing with, and that they were no match for either Nightcrawler nor Adella. His expression was blank as he was asked what he thought. I think these little things should go back to where they came from. He thought. But not without answers first. "This one is of no use to us." He said, his yellow eyes narrowed and looked from the one in front of them to the direction of the others.