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Ada Wong is the pseudonym of an otherwise-unnamed red-clad, secret agent of Chinese heritage. Initially a private agent, Ada was drawn into the intrigue and treachery that is the corporate world when she was recruited by a rival company to participate in their activities against their primary rival, Umbrella, and later moved to another.

Ada's past life before 1998 is a complete mystery. Her ethnicity and nationality are left unconfirmed, and when and where she was born are also unknown. Even her birth name is not believed to be real.By 1998, Ada was a corporate spy working for an unnamed competitor of Umbrella, that intended to procure all sorts of biological weapons and specimens. She was also a trained assassin, who was proficient with several types of weapons and fighting techniques. Presumably, Ada joined the Organization for personal reasons outside of her company's interests, though she has yet to reveal what they are.

She was sent to infiltrate the Arklay Laboratory, hidden beneath a mansion in the Arklay Mountains and was romantically involved with the new head researcher, John Clemens, as a means to steal intelligence for her company. John was very serious about his relationship with Ada, and even used her name as his computer account's password.

John lost his life, due to the t-Virus outbreak caused by James Marcus, after writing one final letter to Ada instructing her to get evidence of Umbrella's experiments and expose them to the public. She never read the letter because she was not in Raccoon City at the time.

At some point, she worked for Derek C. Simmons, who became infatuated with her. After his decision to destroy Raccoon City as a result of its t-Virus outbreak, she left him and the job. Simmons, who had already gained strong feelings for Ada, eventually used Carla Radames in an experiment to clone Ada for himself.

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Personality and Relationships

A key word to describe Ada would be duplicitous. No one really knew what side she is on, and when asked by Helena if she was trustworthy, Leon admitted that it was "not an easy question to answer." Ada possessed a sarcastic sense of humor, and constantly retained a cool, calm, and collected demeanor, being rarely startled or shaken by anything.

However, Ada was far from incapable of kindness or compassion. During the Lanshiang incident, she willingly put aside her current objectives to help Jake and Sherry fight off the Ubistvo, and stopped to help several innocent civilians and BSAA operatives fight off zombies while on her way to the Quad Tower. Furthermore, though she would often use him to help further her own goals, Ada deeply cared for Leon and would risk life and limb to help him in his own missions.

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Skills and Abilities

Ada is immensely skilled in hand-to-hand combat and various forms of weaponry, ranging from modern firearms to crossbows.

In terms of physical fitness, Ada is in top shape. She is highly acrobatic and can pull off all manner of complicated maneuvers.

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*Cosplay account belongs to Fallin4tearsV2*