Hi, my name is Leah and there is alot more to me than what you are reading here. I'm an easy going, open-minded, friendly person and I usually get along with everyone but do not mistake my kindness for weakness because you will find out just how strong I am. I'm not the one for petty games and drama so if that's what you're looking for GTFO!!

***I enjoy meeting people and making friends but DON'T add me as a friend if all you're going to do is ask me for free items and gold because I will remove you from my list. I only want friends who actually talk to me and not just ask for handouts. I only donate to my close friends!***

****If there is anything else you want to know just ask****


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RP Character: Destiny Rayne (Dez for short)
Pure Blood Vampire (born as a vampire)
Born: September 21, 1872
Age: Immortal (became immortal at age 25 so she will look 25 forever)
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 120lbs
Skills: Tracing (to trace- vampire teleportation, the ability to move from one location to another instantly.)
Mental telepathy- the ability to communicate with another being through the mind, also read another being's thoughts; ESP.
All other vampiric abilities such as preternatural sight, hearing, sense of smell, speed, strength, etc and the ability to shapeshift.
Weapons: Katana, Demonbow, Death Whisper
Favorite drink: Whisky (can drink just about every human and demon under the table but it gets her a little aroused).
Brief description: Long black hair and amethyst eyes that turn icy blue. Always dresses in black and/or blood red (her favorite colors).

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VAMPIRES by: Blind Deaf Mute
From the shadows that are casted by the light of the moon
lies the unholy brethren
with their pale white skin that illuminates our doom
And a force we can't possibly defend

With a thirst of blood that can not be quenched
a craving for lust, a need for revenge
like silky shadows they gracefully prey
but the light at it's peak keeps them at bay

they are hunted, they are hated
they are loved, and they are cherished
they are the nightmares in the sweet dreams of the young
they thrive on a dark red substance know as blood

Vampires, stalkers of the night
vampires, people of macabre delight
and I want to be with one tonight

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Vampire Love by: Acyd Rayne
Come to me my vampire love
Come give me your special gift
Come to me my vampire love
Come to me and make it swift
Take me from this world I know
This world of death and sorrow
Give me your gift of eternal life so I may wake up tomorrow
I promise to love you for eternity if you will do the same
I promise to comfort and care for you and love you without shame

Copyright ©2006
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Surrender by: Acyd Rayne
I surrender to you
You are my dream
In the night you come to me
In the dark you seduce me
In my mind you haunt me
My body burns for you
My mind desires you
My heart bleeds for you
My soul belongs to you

Copyright ©2008
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Without End by: Kristofer Dommin
I am the stranger staring
At you and what you're wearing
May I undress you with my eyes?
Peel off your insecurities
Shed away your impurities
Expose yourself for what you are

Let's drink up the blood of young innocent love
Without End
Living life totally lost inside you
Without End

My thoughts are unrelenting
So are we both consenting?
Tell me all things that you desire
And as my first confession
You are my last obsession
You will be sure to know tonight

Let's drink up the blood of young innocent love
Without End
Living life totally lost inside you
Without End
Tonight...without end
Be mine..without end

I am the stranger staring
An immaculate pairing without end
My thoughts are unrelenting
And we are both consenting..without end

Without End
Living life
Lost inside you
Without End.

Copyright © 2006

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ETERNAL DANCE by: ShadowDancer2007

A shadow drifted through this way today,
Passing by with nothing else to say,
All darkly clad, secrets, and shady,
A silent, mystically, gothic sort of lady,
Seeking a night angel to sweep her away,
To an eternal life she might stray,
On the stars of the night and moon light he rode,
Upon his swift wings of raven he slowed,
As if in distant dreams he knew his way,
He passed through the dark alleys without delay,
Above her he paused for a moments glance,
She stood frozen and unmoving as if in a trance,
Then he flew low as a hawk to it's prey,
Never again will her eyes see the day,
With an immortal kiss, now forever deaths romance,
Then in eternal nights embrace, they will forever dance.

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The Damned by: ~Love_Like__Winter~

His kisses, filled with the pain of others,
His lips, Cold as ice,
His eyes, dark with death and sorrow,
His touch, gental and nice,
His skin, as pale as the winter snow,
His body, strong and sleek,
His lips long for the taste of blood, warm, thick, and sweet,
At the middnight hour, the bloodlust is set free,
and the damned begin to rise,
The bloodlust washes over him, and the thirst is in his eyes,
He carresses your throat then kisses it gently,
and the fear begins to fade,
Then a razor sharp kiss so sweet and gental, takes it all away,
He drinks in the smell of pain and fear, and waits for the taste of death,
For the last few moments he carresses you gentaly, then lays you down to rest,
He is damned forever to walk the night and survive only on death,
unable to die,
unable to live,
Damned forever and all eternity

Copyright ©2007

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I would die for someone I love
I would kill anyone that hurts them!!
~Acyd Rayne~

Aliases: Kitana921, SexyIrishBeauty, and Dark Huntress Sakura.


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