Male/1995/Texas. Address me however you want.

Things to know:

-I'm a college psych major.
-From the music genre I love K-Pop as of this moment.
-I spend a lot of time online but often I can just vanish due to unforeseen scheduling.
-I'm dating user 'Yuki The Meddler'. 2 years and on going.
-I like writing but because of school I normally get writer's block.
-I only have one roleplay partner right now and that's my girlfriend, sorry.
-I have a MyAnimeList. It is not up to date as I have not watched any animes as of recent but if you'd like to talk about any of the ones listed, I would be glad to talk.

I play video games but not often because of classes. I am a fan of the: Tales of (series), Final Fantasy, Dragon Age, and a lot of others. Not a first person shooter type of fan but you can ask if I played something and I will tell you yes or no.

Normally, I'm not very talkative but I can be if we know each other well.