The Twisted Asylum~

My Name Is Acid.
Welcome To My Asylum.
Enjoy Your Stay.

Dead Beneath Black

Clawing at black veils from beneath
Panic wrung from hopeless night
Eyes closed against the brightness
Insanity trounces timid mind
Black visions of a dream
Demons consuming your sordid soul
Down amongst dead and rotting flesh
No escape, clawing, and screaming
Muffled by clay and hollow shell
Turn in your grave
Slippery from sweat and tears
Suffocatio​n replaces effervesce​nt coexistenc​e
Denied life
Defenestra​ted by derision's​ glaze
Dead beneath black

My Soulless Flesh

This morbid dungeon reeks of death,
My b0dy swathed in her stale breath.
Impassive eyes puncture mine,
Drain my soul, my life; her wine.
A toothless grin, slick with greed,
Latches on my lips to feed.
Drawing secrets from deep within,
Devouring all my darkest sins.
The slightest whimper; she's provoked,
Her withered hands grasp my throat.
My soulless flesh becomes a feast,
To a hundred thousand starving beasts.
I'll never see the light of day,
Shoved into a world decayed.
My breathless being; sinew, bone,
Doomed to roam this Hell alone.

The Asylum

Fallen leaves,
Rusted swings,
The flapping of pigeons wings
Erase the past and present beauty's
Of winters, falls, and springs.
Through the halls the cold wind blows,
It whistles and it sings
Of every hanging from a sling
Or wounds from instrument strings.
Children's laughs fade from rooms;
A sadness made to cling.
Shadows of this houses past
Reveal it's twisted little things.

The Chaotic Creator Of The Lunatic Asylum.Acid;