My story

Helloo, I'm Jessica
I'm tall (5'9), I'm a brunette, I have hazel eyes, I live in California, and I'm 13.
I look a bit older then I am...
I'm taken, umm I try to be nice but apparently sometimes I fail at that. I can be very different all the time.
I have alot of friends I guess, I don't go on gaia much anymore. Some people think I'm super innocent, or super peverted, or awesome, or completely ridiculous or annoying, or whatever...
But I am who I am, your opinion does matter to me, I'm not exactly the most confident person but I have my moments..anywayy...I hope you're all doing okay. If you wanna talk, you can, but it might take me a while to get back to you honestly lol
Well byee byee <3