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HELLO name is Saide Saba but everyone calls me Sy. I am 18 years old my B-Day is February 3rd 1993.

I am half American and half Arabic. my dad is full Arabic and my mom is American.

I am extremely active...kinda...i play baseball, football and tennis...i dont run for anything but fun so i run at least 10 miles a day.

I joke around a lot. I am not a serious person unless the situation calls for it. I am said to be Funny, Kind, Sweet, Fun to be around, Nice and Very protective of my friends and (sometimes depending on my mood) Annoying.

I have 3 different moods. The first is Kind and Sweet. thats when im in a good mood. The second is ill be Nice and Funny and Caring. Thats when i am in an ok mood. The third i wont care what you have to could be the nicest thing in the world and i would look at you and ask you something rude and inconsiderate...Thats when im in a really bad mood.

I am not Bipolar all tho a lot of people think i am im not.

There are stereotypes in this stupid world so i would be on the dark side...i am Emo and Goth...I AM CHRISTAN and i dont care what people have to say about it.

I LOVE to write. i write science fiction stories all the time. I dont like to read tho thats the weird part.

I play Drums, Guitar and Base Guitar...I am not in a band i just play to play.

if there is anything you want to know about me...DONT...just kidding...but seriously if there is anything you would like to know about me...please feel free to not gonna go all EMO on you and tell you to FTFO so please feel free to ask.
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