Ace DeLacour

Ace DeLacour
Race: Human
Nothing to special to know about Ace. She has crimson red hair usually but recently decided to chop it short and dye it black. It sits about shoulder length in bouncy curls. She has emerald green eyes and very dainty features. Average height but shes usually wearing heels to make her appear taller. A small crown tattoo on her neck, an ankh on her shoulder and a Lotus blossom above her heart all in black. Very short temper and sarcastic.

Do you want to know a little about me?

I guess so because you're still reading....

My Name is Ace to start with, I know I wasn't very creative when I thought of My character Ace. I live in Canada and yes I say Eh.... I think its something they inject into when you move here... I was born in Germany.

My hair colour changes regularly but I tend to keep it in the red family. My natural colour is dark Auburn red. My eyes are Hazel.They change with my mood. I'm only 5'6" so most people I know tower over me.