I'm 19 years of age, and you can call me whatever you like. I'm female. I'm not very optimistic about anything, and can be quite a downer on my worst days. I'm incredibly shy in the real world, only somewhat shy here, but knowing that others can't directly see me gives me a brave edge. Trying to force me into situations I'm not comfortable in will result in my sudden departure; things like trying to get me to cyber, or a guy trying to talk me into cos playing something from his fantasies to name a few. I'm definitely an uke, I'd be much too shy or nervous to even attempt being seme, not to mention my height could use some improvement. I'm quite obsessed with pokemon. If you really want to get me talking, just mention it. I can assure you that I'd do anything in my power to get you to trade with me, or to add me to your pal pad. I'm almost as lazy as I am shy, so getting me to go outside and get some sun is a long shot. I'm not afraid of bugs, and will go out of my way to pick them up and observe them, unless, of course, it either is, or looks like a spider. Do not want. The more I get to know you, the more comfortable I become, and the more I lose sense of grammar and spelling. Just try talking to me, see how far away from english I can get. (Although you don't really have to talk to me..)
Absurd the Understatement

Hello there..