Name: Fallon
Birthday-November 30
Favorite color (s)- Red, black, rainbow.. XD
Favorite food- Stew, Salad, Tacos, Subs, Sandwiches, fruit, sushi.
Likes- Chicken, Fish, Forests, Music, Anime, Eyes, Biology, Video Games, Shiny stuff, Windex and rolaids (mint ones), and lots of other stuff.
Dislikes-Beef products, idiots (politely put), shoes with holes in em, wholewheat noodles, hot dogs, and lots of other stuff.
Religious- Atheist, or maybe a Buddhist.
Tried to kill yourself: I think once, and it was an accident... And ti was the fault of a fleecy sheet and the dryer.
Tried to kill someone else: If I did, I didn't do it. XP
Weirdest things you've ever eaten: I'd rather not say... If you really wanna hear about raw eggs, cookies, spit and vomit....
What? They gave me 10 bucks!
Possessive: Depends.
Dream in life: To either be an artist or a terrorist.. Maybe both.
Believe in life after death: If you're a bad person, you are reincarnated as a fish after you're dead. That answer your question?
How do you want to die: I want to be eaten, than I know that I'm helping instead of another corpse on the ground.
What do you want done with you once your dead: I will be burned than ingested mixed with milk by my best friend.
Want a funeral: No. I want people to be happy when I die. Crying over a corpse is so pointless.

I can't think of anything else to put. Bye bye for now! smile

Wow... I haven't updated in a while... Um...
Hi... I uh... wow... This is almost as awkward as getting it up the arse by Pyramid head.
...I like... Pepsi..
Heh. My friend calls it evil in a bottle.
..meh. Must be one of them coke fanatics..
Hmm yeah.. I know what I'm trying to write here.Yeah..
I really like Resident Evil Zero.
I could pretty much walk anyone through it.
So.. If you have any questions about that particular game.. I'll be glad to try and help you. (any questions about the leech hunter minigame and I may not be able to answer them.. Just don't go through the west wing... Only enemies like humanoid leeches are there... -well, some health items too...-)
Umm.. That's about all I can think of right now..

I had a weird dream a couple nights ago that I started to pull my teeth out.. There was blood all over.. They wouldn't stop falling.
I ran forever, no knowing where I'm running or what from.. I searched, meanwhile choking on my own blood.

..Scary, huh?

I have no idea where the dream came from.. but since then, everything has been going wrong.
It's like I've misplaced or lost something important.
The only problem is that I don't remember what it was..
..Gotta be one of those days.. *sigh*

High as a kite and still digging with the moles...

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And here's my so far favorite file from the first Resident Evil!
(The gamecube remake, that is..)

08. Keeper's Diary

May 9, 1998

Played poker tonight with Scott and Alias from Security, and Steve from
Research. Steve was the big winner, but I think he was cheating. Scumbag.

May 10, 1998

One of the higher-ups assigned me to take care of a new creature. It looks
like a skinned gorilla. Feeding instructions were to give it live animals.

When I threw in a pig, the creature seemed to play with it...tearing off the
pig's legs and pulling out the guts before it actually started eating.

May 11, 1998

At around 5 A.M., Scott woke me up. Scared the sh*t out me, too. He was
wearing a protective suit. He handed me another one and told me to put it on.
Said there'd been an accident in the basement lab.

I just knew something like this would happen. Those bastards in Research never
sleep, even on holiday.

May 12, 1998

I've been wearing the damn space suit since yesterday. My skin's getting grimy
and feels itchy all over. The goddamn dogs have been looking at me funny, so I
decided not to feed them today. Screw 'em.

May 13, 1998

Went to the Infirmary because my back is all swollen and feels itchy. They put
a big bandage on it and told me I didn't need to wear the suit anymore. All I
wanna do is sleep.

May 14, 1998

Found another big blister on my foot this morning. I ended up dragging my foot
all the way to the dog's pen. They were quiet all day, which is weird.

Then I realized some of them had escaped. Maybe this is their way of getting
back at me for not feeding them the last three days. If anybody finds out,
I'll have my head handed to me.

May 16, 1998

Rumours going around that a researcher who tried to escape the estate last
night was shot. My entire body feels hot and itchy and I'm sweating all the
time now.

I scratched the swelling on my arm and a piece of rotten flesh just dropped
off. What the hell's happening to me?

May 19, 1998

Fever gone but itchy. Today hungry and eat doggie food.

May 21, 1998

Itchy itchy Scott came ugly face so killed him. Tasty.

4 / / Itchy. Tasty.


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Things I feel like typing out.

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So here you will see the events of my boring life, documented in a half ass entry. Here you will find poems, blogs, and random stuff occasionally.



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