About abbeh

Welcome to my world.
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Hey there
I'm Abigail;Abbeh;Abby
I'm a lesbiann.
I love Pokemon (:
I know exactly what to say even when I don't know it.
Nature is beautiful, and amazing
I'm a b***h and harsh but
I don't care
I've met amazing people on here, and all around so I'm up for a good chat.
I play drums,
I make my own music..for atleast try
I love bright skinnies
<3333 :]
Making up stories right then and there is something I'm decent at
Catch phrases are fun :]
I use them A LOT
If I'm having a good day, you'll know it fer sure.
It annoys me when people call other's "Hot" or "sexy"
FYI: That isn't going to help you get the girl;; or guy.
I have : Myspace, Teenspot, MSN, Yahoo, FaceBook and Twitter.