My name is Kenny, i go by Ken.... i like anime and manga. I like music, rock preferably my favorite band is Linkin Park. I also like Slipknot, Mike Shinoda, Fort Minor, Nujaabes, Gackt, The Pillows, Jay-Z, Justin Timberlake, System Of A Down, and Three Days Grace. Uhh......i do roleplay, i was a big roleplayin finatic 3 years ago, not as much now though. My favorite Anime/ Manga is: Dot Hack, Trinity Blood, Naruto, Yu Yu Hakusho, Gundress, Evangelion, Akira, Kekader, Kakurenbo, Inuyasha, Shin Chan, Zatch Bell, Abenoboshi Magical Shopping Arcade, Gokusen, Samurai Deeper Kyo, Samurai 7, Read or Die, S-CRY-ed, Getbackers, Bleach, DBZ, Final Fantasy Unlimited, Trigun, Spirited Away, Steam Boy, Karas, Volcano High(actually a movie, not an anime, it was about telekinetic kids in japan)... and thats all i can think of. I do draw, i will do avi art for any1 who wants it... I play video games, my favorite game was Grandia 3, i like to play RPG's mostly. And i did use to play Gunz online, I like to play MMORPG's too.

Here's a few of my blogs...

Guardian Angels:
Guardian Angels.....they protect you from any physical or emotional harm. Though my Guardian Angel isn't a nice one....it causes me the harm....this dark flame burning within my heart, filling me with rage, isn't my Guardian Angel....it is in fact....my curse. I am forced to walk a path in which i do not know the correct direction, each step is filled with pain, despair, and horror. My Guardian Angel....the black wings on it's back....the menacing glare....the coldness in its heart....this is no Guardian Angel....its Death. I have stared it in the eyes....i must now face that shady character....but that shady character....is a part of me. I am a Guardian Angel....I swore to protect her....but i failed....i walk this earth with a burden....a curse....something not of this world. Each day this curse weighs more on my soul....i await the day when it consumes me fully. I am not an enemy....i am not a friend.....i am in fact........your Guardian Angel.

In loving memory of Sarah Ruden


I shall protect u Sarah......i swore it....

Trigun:The Planet Gunsmoke:
We are all like raindrops falling from the sky, eventually landing on this star and drying up from the sun. Even if protected by a huge umbrella, we never know what tommorow may bring. Someday we will be blown by the wind and absorb into the sandy earth.

My Emotions:
I tried to hide from my past....but it kept catching up to me. I tried to forget about it but it kept coming back into my mind. I cant hide from my destiny anymore, i now know that no matter how much i cry, fight, and even scream it wont go away, so now i must accept it and move on with my life as if it never happened. My path shall never end, i'll fight till the end, and never give up..... in my life, thats my first rule.

My Sin:
My promise....i broke....i went back on my word. Now i await Judgement Day. I hope to be free of the shackles i have, each chain....a different sin. I have sinned.... i am a sinner. I hope for redemption, i hope to be freed from my prison....The Gates Of Heaven will not open....The Gates Of Hell pull me in..... i accept my fate.....i shall never be free. i shall never be an angel....instead... i shall join my demons in the dark flames of Hell. Though i shall go to hell..... the light in my heart still lingers with regret....i couldnt protect you....i am sorry.... i swore i would..... but i didnt. the tears ran down my face, i couldnt hold in my disappointment and sadness. Sarah if u were here....what would u say? I hope you forgive my sins Lord... though my path isnt easy....its what i must down. I cannot forget the last thing i said to you.... "i'll always be there for you..." little did i know....i wouldnt be there for you the next day....when you died. I'm still..... Your Guardian Angel

My Path:
My path, is it for good? Or is my path meant for evil? Am i supposed to light ppl's eyes in happiness. Or let them burn down in my sight. I guess know one will ever know. I walk away from the city in flames, not turning back to see all the sad faces, burn down like a candles flames. Only the light can shield u from the hungry shadows eating u up inside, and soon devour u whole.

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The Planet Gunsmoke

every human.....can make a difference.....but oly if u try. not everything u do will be perfect......the human race is full of flaws......trust no 1

its about the human race.......



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HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOOOOOOUUUU!!!! *cough cough hack cough* hehehe sry about that ^.^; I do not know the last time I tried to hit a high note like that. lol. ANYWAYS-- HAPPY B- DAY!!! XD

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ehh nothing much just doing like projects and stuff for school GAHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! D=

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yo! ^^ long time no talkie lol how r ya?

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Loveable Kittty

Report | 12/17/2007 3:52 pm

Loveable Kittty

hey how are u?
Nova Pierrot

Report | 11/18/2007 4:29 pm

Nova Pierrot

hello...it's me, MoonChild 20.

my account got hacked so this is my new one...User Image

i've been saving up a lot since i got hacked, and i think this account will be pretty good for a while.

well, bye for now
Poopy Deer

Report | 11/15/2007 5:40 pm

Poopy Deer

Hellooo. Long time no see User Image

How are ya?

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hello wimpo wats goin on wit u lately. got a girl or u strikin out wit every girl u ask out.

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dude ur such a ******** mega pansy. im embarrassed to b ur friend cuz o that.
scott talon

Report | 10/20/2007 9:15 pm

scott talon

Wow... You're right. We haven't talked for a really long time. I left Gaia for a while too. Well, today I went to my cousins birthday party.


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