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About Me!

I'm BAACK! For a long time I haven't came back since.

For years, I've been "morphing" into random characters when I became a fan of the movie or cartoon.
Also, the tone of my voice would sound a bit like the character.


But, I'm planning to make cartoons on YouTube. I'm kinda good at animating and I made a couple of animations, both traditionally and digitally.

About Me!

Well, let me introduce myself.

I'm AbbyAries. A.K.A. LittleRainySeasons in deviantART and in YouTube (formerly known as Phineas1and1Ferb).

I work as a part time web voice actress in PMG Network, a fanmade CN channel created by a guy named Miggy Garcia.

I usually voice Gumball Watterson and Star Butterfly in PMG Network. Though I have voiced others like Mabel Pines or Darwin Watterson.

I easily become a fan of a certain cartoon and I stop my "fangirlyness" after awhile because I easily get bored.
Sometimes I become a fan of that cartoon again, like Bee Movie.
I was a fan of it when the movie came out, however I quit few months later.

Not only I become a fan of cartoons but artists as well. Unfortunately, they were usually "vintage" XD

I have a lot of different voice methods and my normal voice is usually quite low.
I'm not your ordinary fangirl who goes OMG!? OMG?!, also I have a crush on fictional guys...and even weirder: A VOLKSWAGEN BEETLE CAR!

I'm pretty much a loner and my only friends was me and probably the protagonists of my stupid stories. Really.

However in the internet, I'm probably not the loneliest loner out there. I'm more on an outgoing person online though in reality I'm a recluse.

I'm also one of those good artist out there...maybe not much.
You know, when I was still a child, my drawings are advance than those kids in my age.

By voice acting, (in case you've heard about LittleRainySeasons or PMG Network) you'll notice that I speak weirdly because I have problem reading orally.
My tongue usually twists, resulting it horrible.
You see, I do not talk that much (unless I knew somebody well).
Aside from that, I'm better writing in English than speak or write in my native language, Filipino (or Tagalog).

I also have invisible "braces".
I can't pronounce much words, especially when I'm smiling.
When I'm alone, I practice my English.
Why? I'm too shy for people to know that I speak English.
Instead, I talk to them in Filipino (they understand me anyway because they're Pilipinos).

I also speak a Japanese gibberish called Korishiku. I use to do this out of boredom or when I'm voicing one of my anime characters.

Not only I do fanmade works, I'm also an UTAU user and I made three characters: Rinzu Hane and the siblings, Yuuko and Umidori Komarane. They were kinda old characters as I first created them in 2010 as Vocaloid OCs and Singeroids (parody of Vocaloid). But in 2015, I revived them as UTAUs and I started making cover songs of Vocaloid using them biggrin

I also compose music...though they don't sound too professionally.


These are all links where you can see my works.

YouTube - Animation Channel
YouTube - Main Channel
YouTube - UTAU Channel
SoundCloud - Main Channel
SoundCloud - UTAU Channel
deviantART Account

Side Accounts:

My side accounts are just back ups.
PinkAbby was my very first account then I forgot my password so I made AbbyAries.

The Motherly Wanderer

Shared Accounts:
The shared accounts are made by me and gave to my real life friend, Katie Johnson.
She never use them often, so sometimes I use them.
Back then, she use them frequently.
Now, she's really busy so I use these accounts.

Pretty Charslie
Handsome Charlie

Come buy in my store!

~✧✰✧~ W E L C O M E T O M Y S T O R E ~✧✰✧~


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Squishy Rose Report | 07/14/2018 8:52 am
Squishy Rose
XD it really did look that way XD
Squishy Rose Report | 07/13/2018 7:36 am
Squishy Rose
If ya haven't noticed by my avi lawl.
Squishy Rose Report | 07/13/2018 12:09 am
Squishy Rose
Otay biggrin thank you yeah i found a kindred one and an astra one!!! and a flock of them its sooo cute.
Squishy Rose Report | 07/13/2018 12:00 am
Squishy Rose
Oh gosh I remember the Mimzy too. Yeah the green one is what I wanted. I was only excited for the Mimzy when we got to watch the movie on Gaia. But ended up not keeping the doll for long.
Squishy Rose Report | 07/12/2018 11:53 pm
Squishy Rose
I noticed. I only recognized one though. But I love that bunny character XD do you know the name of that item by chance?
Squishy Rose Report | 07/12/2018 11:44 pm
Squishy Rose
Your litlte Gaia people are so cute n.n I didnt even know about them.
Gen X Bolt Max LR Report | 01/05/2018 11:19 pm
Gen X Bolt Max LR
Thank you for the purchase! Nice work by the way, for being a voice actress.
ShySnowGhost Report | 12/18/2017 12:32 pm
Thank you for buying!
KpopNoodle Report | 09/07/2017 7:14 am
Both of these sounds very interesting! I'm gonna retire soon but we will have to talk about them more, I love that kind of work! wink
KpopNoodle Report | 09/07/2017 6:49 am
Oh I've definitely done similar things in the past! Sometimes I would come and visit Gaia for inspiration as well, there are a lot of creative minds on here and I'm always pleasantly surprised by how great some of those avatars look. Since I got back I've done a few avi arts here and there because I genuinely loved how they look!


I really don't log in that much anymore.

A newbie back in 2007. Still a newbie today. Will forever be a newbie.


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