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To strat you off, am a tomboy. I love sports, video games, reading, writing, singing, dance, darkness, horror, anime, all animals, and being different from others. ex. ex. There's a lot more to me than meets the eye.
I love music! Ac/Dc, Kiss, ex. Mianly all the 80's rock. I also like upbeat songs.
Friends are very important in my life. Most of them are guys though. I have lots of friends that moved or I moved from them. I have 2 frineds that are very far away, one I never seen in my life, but she is a really good penpal to me. The other I knew for some years now. I really miss her and I would like to go see them and meet my penpal.
The last thing I love the most is acting. It's been with me since I was in 2 grade. I love doing play ex. I have a whole history about acting and such. But I don't overly make it take over my brain.

Another thing I love is people send p.m's to me and comments.
BUT! If you want to send me somthing-please don't just say "Hi" I really hate that!

Hi people!

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SailorMeew Report | 08/08/2009 11:50 am
hey its me nekogaara remember?
jenifee Report | 06/13/2009 3:01 pm
airdessa Report | 05/25/2009 11:45 am
comment for the gold
airdessa Report | 12/11/2008 9:19 pm
People this is my 2 account I NEVER go on this one, so go on airdessa!

that is all =D
BAM_BAM_GO_BAM Report | 11/11/2008 3:45 pm
omg hi
laxlove Report | 06/30/2008 10:29 pm
nice background
airdessa Report | 06/27/2008 5:08 pm
now it's airdessa ;=;
airdessa Report | 06/22/2008 9:03 am

oppps! I forgot a month ago to tell you what my backup account was xD

it's yeebly1

BAM_BAM_GO_BAM Report | 06/17/2008 2:26 pm
Copy and paste this to 10 people and then press F5 on your keyboard. You will win 10,000 gold each time you do it! It's worked 4 me, and it'll work 4 you
BAM_BAM_GO_BAM Report | 05/21/2008 8:54 pm


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Thank you chobits for the avi art.

I lost my world and heart when my friend left....One day I will see her again.

There goes a shooting star across the sky...