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So This Is Me
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Im Taken INRL By Jeffrey [: 12-10-11

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I LOOOVE THE MIZ <3 [Old Picture]

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I Play Xbox360 and Ps3 [With My Puffy Smexy Face]
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I Have Many Besties <3

Izzy - My Bffffffll In Real life and on Gaia (Known her forever?) My Stupid Blonder! She has baby Feet, is Blonde, and Amazing [: If you see her give her a HEEYY-OOOO Barrr-Baayyy!! She Was Velvet and i was Angelina [: (Also have been Bellas shortly)

Lexie - ALWAYS there for me and Kicks Butthole (Litarlly DONT MESS WITH HER)! We Meet during our wrestling RP i was Maria and she was Mickie [: I Really am glad to have her!

Andrew - Trollerr xD Hes soo funny and makes me always feel better!! He used to be shawn michaels and Have a DX army but (my First cosplay? for like 2 weeks) I was mickie on the other DX army so we were enemys. Hes my bestie now what can i say??

Trent - My Friggen Homie G. He can be mean xD But i still love him! Idk what to say? he Makes me laugh? xD He Used to be Jeff too o.o xD

Jimmy - My friend for a long time. He has changed alot, but change is part of life? But he is funny, always cheerful, and Cool OH and good at decorating houses on gaia homes. (:

Alberto - My Brother ? (:
Hes Funny and Amazing and IVE KNOWN HIM FOREVERRR! And Mommy no like him c:

Thats All! If you want to be written about too Ask!! [:

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