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Se invita a I'am una mujer simple que ama hacer a amigo todo sobre la palabra, cada una que visión mi perfil y sienta bien a mi nuevo amigo que me abriré el brazo para abrazar you smile and si usted desea ser más cerca de mí P.M. yo en cualquier momento, yo seré su amigo, hermana, madre, o tía

Amo el viajar todo sobre el país para satisfacer a nueva gente y aprender allí cultive, amo bailar, cocinar, y escuchar música, el cantar es mi fastion de mi vida si me presiono apenas escucho en música ruidosa y canto en los mismos muchos de time.I'have de amor y el cuidado en mi vida

Amo mirar la película de la acción, Jackie Chan y las heces del jet que la película es mi favorito, yo tienen gusto del anime, del fantacy, y de toda la clase de historia de Disney,


Hello Everyone smile

I'am a simple woman who love to make friend all over the word,everyone is invited to view my profile and become my new friend i will open my arm to hug you smile and if you want to be more close to me PM me anytime, I will be your friend,sister,mother,or aunt<I'am a funny person,i can make you smile if you need to,you can cry in my shoulder if you feel to,you'll be happy I'll be happy too.
I love traveling all over the country to meet new people and learn there culture,I love to dance,cook,and listen music,singing is my fastion of my life if i depress i just listen in loud music and sing in the same time.I'have a lot of love and care in my life
I love to watch action movie,Jackie Chan and Jet Lee movie is my favorite,I like anime,fantacy,and all kind of disney story....



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King Zeno Report | 06/03/2009 11:31 am
King Zeno
yea im a lil busuy just been dealin with school and havent been able to get on much
Cuddly1424 Report | 08/07/2008 6:18 pm
um, hi. I like your avi, it is amazing
The Freaky Kidz Report | 06/09/2008 3:33 pm
The Freaky Kidz
This post was removed because it appeared to be spam / chain mail.
aerisu17 Report | 06/06/2008 1:35 pm
You should tread cautiously with online relationships. Obviously hes acting immature and may not be ready for a full relationship. If he was other people shouldn't matter as much as you do. And no i don't think he deserves your love if he is acting like that. He either needs to get his priorities straight or take off giving you proper closure. In my opinion if hes acting like that much of a jerk you should move on. Hes not work the time and energy you're putting in, if thats the case. Relationships aren't to be one sided.

Think to yourself. "Am i happy?" if the answer is no think more about how much this person has actually done for you. If you cant find enough substantial proof he has. Move on
J0M Report | 06/06/2008 1:09 pm
my IM sn is already public just go look me up on forums, and as for my age trust me im of legal age im outof college so yea
J0M Report | 06/02/2008 11:43 am
hello miss, i see your a love hina fan so am i, shinobu is my favorite she is soo hawt, but to answer your questions in order, yes i have a gf, i have never had that problem because we havent made it that far yet YET how does this sound on the night of your b-day your gf calling you and accusing u of stuff that you didnt even do and not even listening to your side of it thats how me and my ex just broke up last month on the 12th of may, and no it doesnt seem fair that he doesnt message you on your anniversary, but i hope to talk to you again sometime maybe if you have an IMof sorts we can talk on there and ill even let you read an ova im writing for love hina peace out girl ^_^
autumnletters Report | 05/30/2008 11:46 am
hi!! i'm sorry to hear about you and your BF. my bf and i are doing well, we're getting married in july. he proposed and i said yes! but he's leaving for iraq in february next year, so it'll be hard.

we talk everyday on the phone and keep in touch constantly. we have a very strong relationship, and are very open with eachother.

if i found out he was dating online, i'd be very upset. that's not fair at all to you if your bf is doing that. technically, i still think dating online is a form of cheating, even if he never meets the person. it's still emotional.

and my bf doesn't talk to any of his ex's anymore, so i'm not sure. i think it's okay if they are friends, as long as he doesn't have feelings for her anymore. if he's honest and open about talking to her, at least that shows he's trying to be honest, and probably nothing is going on. if it makes you uncomfortable, let him know.

hope everything starts looking up, and talk to you soon!
pzy381 Report | 05/14/2008 1:12 am
omg ur avatar is so amazing
u sound like a wonderful person
i would to be your friend wink
MaryJaane Report | 04/19/2008 11:35 am
Hope you have an awesome time man!
Ms Make Me Smile Report | 04/18/2008 7:48 am
Ms Make Me Smile
have fun in china and i will stay in touch



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