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Name: Abaddon, Apollyon
Alias: Abaddon Magnus, Aradlyon Magnus, "The Destroyer"
Age: Has the look of someone in his mid 30's
Birth date: Indeterminable.
Gender: Male.
Race - Risen Daemon, former Fallen Angel
Marital Status: Single
Blood Type:AB+
Height: 6' 5" (True height is 8 feet)
Weight: 93 kg or 205 lbs (True weight indeterminable)
Origin: The Bottomless Pit or The Abyss of Hell
Sin: N/A inclined to both Wrath and Pride

Hair: Silver.
Eyes: Shifts between a sharp hue of mustard or crimson.
Clothing: Abaddon in the privacy of his realm wears regal clothing of furs, colored silk (often black) with golden adornments. Yet more often he wears rather simple yet refined jackets and pants; reflective of the time's fashion. He also owns an onyx colored crown with inlays of gold and silver spikes jutting upwards. The crown is almost like a parody of the crown of thorns. He rarely wears his head piece in public.
Stature: Toned like a heavyweight fighter
Symbol: Locust wings, Insects
Noticeable Features: Abaddon has a large T shaped scar on his left eye.
Tattoos: Pentagram is tattooed on the middle of his back, each point of the star seems to be made of intricate runic writing. The words seem to shift from line to line and is written in the Infernal Tongue. The center of the pentagram is what seems to be a tiny black hole,warping the space around the flesh inwards. It is accented on the sides of the circle by a pair of locust wings with high detail.
Piercings: Left ear

Affinity: Insects, smaller affinity for fire and ice
Rank: High King
Instructor: Self.
Family: Indeterminable

There are two sides to the Lord of Locusts, one more often shown to public than the other. Firstly Abaddon often seen as a benevolent lord. He is polite, hospitable, generous, level headed and good humored. He conducts himself with an air of importance but never snobbish. Although he may make it a point to remind you of who he is and his station, he does this in good sport. Surprisingly for a daemon he is an honorable figure, observing proper etiquette in politics, war and old tradition. Some who know him intimately understand this to be veil that hides his natural inclination to seriousness and violence.

For all his kingly behavior, Abaddon is still a daemon of war. His other side is rarely seen by most and for good measure. When in any form of conflict, Abaddon's truer guise is that of war-like commander. His demeanor changes into a warrior's: with an air of authority, dead seriousness, proud and cares for no-nonsense. He's a fighting man to be respected and he never second guesses nor does he shy away. Abaddon is stoic in the battlefield, only ever revealing a grin on his face when the fighting is good. He has a certain quiet cruelty about him. He is often believed to be above mercy or compassion but is is quick to dispatch his enemies. He does not let his foes suffer unnecessarily. His however Locusts do all the torturing for him.

Fighting Style
[Unarmed Combat] - When caught with no weapon, Abaddon adopts a boxing- grappling martial art akin to Russian Sambo or Valetudo.

[Infernal Helix Sword Mastery]
- Abaddon is a master of a fighting style created for wielders of heavy swords called the "Hellish Spiral" or the "Infernal Helix". This variation of angel combat styles is based on the principal of aggressive defensiveness in the form of a spinning a sword or weapon around you in a steady moving progressive stance. It is traditional swordplay with this with an almost rhythmic dance-like technique. This fighting style is mostly used by angels or by the first of the Fallen since both beings often use their razor sharp wings in the circular spinning motion of the martial art. The basic form is when you take a traditional swordsman stance and swing whenever ready. You pick up speed with a few spins and repeat the process until you overwhelm your opponent. A combination of body spins complimented with weapon backswings, overhead swings and roundhouse-like slashes are employed to mow down opponents with ease.Abaddon's variation of this style is peppered with brutal cheap shots like elbows, punches, knees and grabbing. Abaddon also often starts fighting holding his hefty blade in one hand but manages to switch to two handed wielding and back with great ease.

Of course the presence of wings greatly aids and compliments this martial art. It comes to no surprise that this martial art requires great stamina as well as great upper body, waist and arm strength. However the daemon seemingly has no difficulty in all areas mentioned...even when missing his wings.

Weapons, Items, Etc
["The Fallen Star" Grand Summoning Daemonblade]

["Agony of the Swarm" Battle Daemonblade]


[Moderate Pyrokinesis ability]: Abaddon only retains a small fraction of his infernal power after his fall. Since that time he has trained to regain these lost gifts in a slow often frustrating process. One of his abilities still in moderate strength is conjuration of fire.

*Tossed Flame - A standard fire volley of fire blasts.

*Burning Fields - Ability to set cast a path of fire in a singular direction

*Fire Enchantment - Ability to bless an item with the properties of a slow burn

*Pyromancy/Far Seeing - Divination by use of fire.

[Moderate Cyrokinesis ability]:


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Xander Greyson Report | 11/27/2015 11:31 pm
A little bit yeah. It's not a priority though. Maybe if there's something worthwhile to log in for. Like holiday stuff. I love dressing up for them still. 3nodding
Xander Greyson Report | 11/26/2015 10:07 pm
Cool avi
Xander Greyson Report | 03/10/2015 2:40 am
Hey sexy lady~
TheLadyCera Report | 05/19/2014 3:21 am
TheLadyCera Report | 05/19/2014 3:06 am
A hacker hacked gaia and jacked up a few 100 avis. mine got jacked up but lucky for me my avi was in the nood at the time so all of my stuff is o.k. otheres were not to lucky.
TheLadyCera Report | 05/19/2014 1:04 am
Your stuff was stolen too hu?
TheLadyCera Report | 05/17/2014 6:49 am
- noms on your cape -
Panic_Kiwi Report | 05/14/2013 12:30 am
i don't hold much of the prettied up profiles, so far this one suits me the best
Xander Greyson Report | 04/09/2013 9:40 pm
*Snugs tighter* I miss you too. ono
Xander Greyson Report | 03/17/2013 7:49 pm
Stop making me jealous with cool avis. = 3=



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