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About This Unique Personage

Bonjour, mes amis! My name is Aaron. I'm a man, over the age of 18, and I'm gay. I live in the Mountain Standard Timezone of the United States. I was born and raised in New Orleans. I have a job, a dependent little sister, and am also going to college. I also kinda live under a rock. I don't watch anime, I don't follow most... well, anything really. My main form of entertainment has been reading, fantasy novels in particular. I like to help people, usually by doing random little things. I can be a lazy s**t, but only when it doesn't actually impact anything. I'm actually pretty shy IRL, but once I get to know you, I do and say the randomest stuff.

I recently realized that I should warn people--I've got ADHD. So if I ever take a while, to respond to y'all, prod me! I'll tell you the truth, whatever it is. It may just be that whenever I'm trying to write as a character, I just keep getting distracted....

Ask me questions. I won't bite―unless you want me to. *flirtatious wink*

Current Random Song I Enjoy

Right now it's like...

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Because I keep covering for people who are calling in sick.

People who have a high tolerance for RL being a crapper, AKA what normal people call Friends

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I like to help people.
Need some kindness? I'm happy to chat or listen.
If you like my layouts, I'll make one just for you!

A Guild for character storage and exploration. There's also an in-character chat area~

Hey, look! I'm not nekkid! ... or am i?

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