About Me.

hi everyone how are you doing welcome to my profile.
things that I like: skatting;pizzia;the clarinet;pussycat dolls;ciara;rihanna;hilary duff. I am 11 years old and I have one sister; 4 half brothers.

My favorite artists is:pussycatdolls,
christina Aguilera.

I like harry potter booksmovies, lord of the rings, narnia.
I stay to my self.
i don't like preps(people that thinks that they are better than everyone els.)
My hair is short.
I have alot of stuffed animals.
I have one dog at my moms (Sheba.),one duck(Aaren/Aaron),
one cat that died(blacky.),
one dog that died(Muffien),
and another dog at my dads(Susie)

My hair is a chestnut brown. My eyes are hazel.
Every now and then I wonder if my friends don't want to be my friend. And sometimes I feel like I am alone. But oh well. I don't care. I have no perpous. I hate my self.