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Chances are I'm older than you.

As such, I'm here primarily for observational purposes. What kind of people use this site? What do they get out of it? How, given more control than reality affords us, will they make themselves appear?

But I'm always down for thoughtful, salient conversation. With anyone. Unless you want to "cyber" or otherwise project your desperation for physical intimacy onto my avatar. I don't want to talk to you. You are probably overweight, or a man, though in either case you probably sport an abundance of body hair.

I also don't accept unsolicited (re: random) friend requests, unless you've got a white van filled with promises and candy. Otherwise, you've gotta talk to me first.

Think you've got a handle on Gaia? Share what you've learned here.



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A Wild Ink Report | 11/27/2009 5:52 pm
A Wild Ink
Your point about the wanna-be sluts is interesting, and wholly believable. Like the two kids we saw trying to convince each other that they were potheads, these adoptions of purposefully-misfit personas point to a semi-generation raised on romanticized antiheroes, outcasts, and reprobates. Why would it be cool to be a model citizen, especially when you feel society has consistently given you the short end of the stick? Better to be the wounded, fallen victim of injustice. It just makes a better story. That's how I explain these 14 year old boys scampering around with usernames like "Cursed Blood Blade" and "xxCryingShadowsxx."

But some of the boys and girls don't have any actual, exoteric wounds to dress themselves in, aside from some social awkwardness or paranoia. Life hasn't been anything worth telling the internet about. I think that's where these claims, these boasts of immorality and misfortune are coming from: a yearning for relevancy in the crowd. Your aquarium sluts want to be recognized for their stark individuality and edgy behavior, when just being honest would make them pretty memorable. I would call it "acting out," but they would seem to be the targets of their own delusion. More like "acting in."

I've got no explanations for Gaia couples. But at least they're chatting with other human beings. Keep the observations and theories coming, ya'll!
y0un91 Report | 11/25/2009 5:57 pm
As for what kinds of people use this Gaia, mostly minors with bad attitudes or strict parents and this is their only way to 'live their own lives'... or people like you and I. The ratio is something like 30/1, us being the one. They probably get out a false sense of security. Most of them part up and call themselves couples... exchange numbers, hiding the fact that they are some pathetic from their everyday crowd of friends or family... though some actually brag about their online girlfriends and boyfriends like damaged little ********. I'm almost positive that some of them use Gaia as a way to filter out an alter ego of the person they wish they could be but are way to out of shape mentally, and probably physically as well, to be these 'characters'. Coming off as way cooler than the scum they are in their day to day lives, is probably goal numero uno. Some of the girls brag of sexual partners that possibly never existed (or ever will), this i have witnesses in the message in a bottle application in the aquarium here... a girl bragging about being a slut, probably trying to empower herself? When true sluts would either a) not be on here because they are too busy being scantily unclad at parties whilst hanging off of anyone who was nice enough. or b) seriously regretting his or her slutty perverse past, and ashamed to admit to the wrong turn in their life.
All in all, Gaia is amusing but horrifyingly sad all in one. To be a visitor and not get offended or seriously annoyed you have to keep an open mind to the fact that most of the people on here do not want you to know who they are inside or out. I personally find it amusing but will put a b***h or two in line if need be.
And that is the world of Gaia... in a nutshell.
y0un91 Report | 11/25/2009 5:43 pm
I've got to say... I agree with your profile.

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