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Richard Speight Jr Report | 01/13/2018 12:00 pm
Richard Speight Jr
i told u i was going to spam ur profile
also it looks like one of my kittens is disloyal and wants u instead
sad skeleton Report | 03/22/2017 9:59 pm
sad skeleton
your profile is beautiful
Richard Speight Jr Report | 03/10/2017 3:01 pm
Richard Speight Jr
running shoes Report | 02/27/2017 12:09 am
running shoes
yknow i glimpsed at your profile before but it wasn't until now i fully grasped it's perfection

thank u
running shoes Report | 02/19/2017 4:37 am
running shoes
tbh i want a grilled cheese now
ik totally unrelated
but kinda not bcuz sammich

no1 will be able to push us down emotion_dowant
i'm sure it will happen eventually i'm a clutz redface

also gg on those avis for the doll!! 2&5 were def my favs
running shoes Report | 02/18/2017 1:03 am
running shoes
just da way i like em cool
sometimes i put a lil extra jelly tho if i'm feeling daring redface

we will both be ready
we will be so ready
we will be so ready neither of us will ever fall emotion_dealwithit
running shoes Report | 02/18/2017 12:56 am
running shoes
ok what is ur preferred pb to j ratio
and what jelly
and crunchy pb or smooth question

you think??? well i guess if after 7 steps there's more that's ok
better safe then srry gotta be prepared in case anyone falls..
running shoes Report | 02/17/2017 11:57 pm
running shoes
i DO make the best pb&j tbh blaugh

ok cause i don't want to get scraped up and i'm sure neither do u!!
how many stages are in catching training???? eek
running shoes Report | 02/17/2017 10:58 pm
running shoes
thank u i thought of them miself redface

ok ok i got it
catching mitt
is that it should we get elbow/kneepads????
running shoes Report | 02/17/2017 8:29 pm
running shoes
trap master traf and the untearable sheo comin @ u with that fire

ur right
we must b prepared in case it goes down.....
should i get my catching mitt???



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