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Report | 05/28/2014 8:57 pm


Thank you! And it'll probably eventually go on sale. X3;

Report | 05/27/2014 2:13 pm


That's fine too. You did say you were doing this for practice. I used to have an artist friend here on Gaia so many years ago.
I'm familiar with the process. No worries. No pressure. wink

Report | 05/25/2014 12:20 am


Longer. That's why I love them so much! Perfect size too and not too thin. cool

Report | 05/24/2014 8:49 pm


I think I'll change the eyes to my usual ones and add a pair of small burnt wings
Aside from those, I think I'd like to keep this look.
I found it really cute. 4laugh

Report | 05/24/2014 7:59 pm


The current one is pretty much fine. The others are kind of complex and I don't remember what went in them.
Yes, I am actually too cheap to invest in outfit slots. emotion_awesome
Thank you for the offer! emotion_bigheart

Report | 05/16/2014 12:56 am


Never had so many positive feedback on an avi, I have to say. XD
Gives me a rush of confidence! <3

So thank you very much for having made my week even more! <3
I can't stop blushing now for your double compliment. XD
Your Missing Period

Report | 06/07/2013 5:31 pm

Your Missing Period

When you get so angry your mind can't think of proper comebacks.
Return of Ettlesby

Report | 04/23/2013 5:13 am

Return of Ettlesby

Certainly not part of an evil plan.

And just who would that be?

Well, it's working pretty well so far.
Return of Ettlesby

Report | 04/23/2013 4:51 am

Return of Ettlesby

If you see something large, metallic and bristling with advanced technology that ought not to be, don't worry. It's probably just the mailman.

Clearly, you're in her spot.

Well, the deed is done. No clue how to work this thing, but I'll bend it to my will sooner or later.
Return of Ettlesby

Report | 04/23/2013 4:32 am

Return of Ettlesby

If I were lying, there would be news reports all across the country.
Suppressing it would take millions of dollars and/or robots combined with a magnificent, unmatched intellect used to hatch a plan that involves erasing the memory of anyone who so much as hears rumors of the plot and replacing it with memories of something silly.
Why, the very idea that someone would be so brilliant and resourceful is preposterous. If there were such an individual, they woild be one to revered worldwide as a genius.
But that's not me, of course.

That's a good idea.
There's this display case in the hallway outside my door that my dog is incredibly fond of sleeping under, so when it comes to pets sleeping in strange places, I understand perfectly.
She took over my sister's room for a while.

I suppose I could give it a try. Worst thing that could happen is I don't end up using it, I guess.


A king weighs his worth in the volume of his peoples' blood.