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mapllle Report | 05/16/2010 8:09 pm
haha the captcha for this message is 'after alcohol'
i found that ironic
Esk Fae Report | 05/15/2010 2:27 pm
Esk Fae
aw thank you very much <3
Ross Rampage Report | 05/14/2010 7:41 pm
Ross Rampage
I don't know why, but I find you stunning.
mapllle Report | 05/11/2010 3:44 pm
that is the worst, having to piece together your night from things other people tell you xD
and ohhh noo tipsy is pointless. i like to get RIPPED. hello future alcoholic!
mapllle Report | 05/10/2010 7:15 pm
hahaha that would have been funny to see, a half naked girl crawling on the ground smoking a cigarette by the road xD
i always text people id never text and say sexual/wierd things ): its awful. people should definitely take my phone when im drunk.
and lolol i know, we'd make good party buddies <3
mapllle Report | 05/10/2010 6:22 pm
sorry my computer s**t out on me :c
and ohh man i did s**t with a wayy older guy when i was drunk...for cigarettes. lolol. it sucked waking up next to him, because he was 9 years older with a 4 year old kid. D;
and another time i got drunk, i hooked up with my friend i've known since 1st grade who's a girl and im pretty sure is like inlove with me. oh awkward drunken times are fun.
undead rick Report | 05/10/2010 9:22 am
undead rick
Thanks. I like your eyes.
mapllle Report | 05/09/2010 11:13 pm
really ill have to try it!
and mehh last time i got drunk by myself, i got mild frostbite on my foot because i could only find one boot =(
and my friend was too busy watching the land before time to watch me.
mapllle Report | 05/09/2010 11:09 pm
never had it surprised
so does 151. it makes me feel like my throats bleeding. but 3 shots and im goneee so i dont mind so much :3
man i wish i was drunk right now u.u
mapllle Report | 05/09/2010 11:04 pm
yess. it barely tastes like alcohol. i feel like i can breathe fire after. like a dragon c:


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