Thanks for visiting my profile, sit back, relax and enjoy the scenery!

My name is Shawn, or if you'd like you can refer to me as Angel Boy.
I am 23 years young, and I reside in the cold, fabulous land known as Canada.
I am also homosexual, I like men.. Sorry ladies!

If you take the time to get to know me, I can be the kindest soul you've ever encountered, but my heart has been damaged in the past so find out for yourself, don't be afraid to come say hello to this silly little Canadian!

I have a lot of interests in this screwed up world we live in, more than one can think. Some specific interests of mine are cooking, anything to do with nature, poetry, automobiles, DISNEY, and all that special jazz!
(Insert jazz hands.)
As for dislikes, I don't really dislike a lot of things, however, this list may potentially grow in the near future. I guess time will tell, ehh.

If you wish to learn more about this golden soul, feel free to start up a conversation. You may also reach me on other platforms, just ask for my info!

"With a paranoid soul,
I've been staring for hours and hours out of my peephole,
Where beholds a pair of secretive glowing eyes made of gold,
With it being that of a sinister little troll that's had my paranoia at tenfold,
I feel as my whole mind, here, begins to fold and nearly implode,
With my emotions no longer being able to go with the flow,
I decide to walk away, undress, and then snort a line of coke,
Followed by taking a hit of **** while I put on my bulletproof vest,
Oh, and yes!–surely if it's a fight that these little demons want to see,
Then it'll be a fight that I'll bring outside where I'll make them all regret ever trying to mess with me."
- Bryan Lunsford.