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Rant - Gaians must have faith

Analysis of current situation


Gaia is not just all about the items or the pixels. Sure they are appealing and all, but Gaia can be more than that, and only if we allow it.

GaiaOnline was a concept that was that first derived among four individuals while hanging out at the skate park one night. The idea to make an innovated community site where people across the world can come together to hang out, chat, discussion and share their side of the stories regardless of background, age, sex, gender,etc - Get connected.

So for the sake of this site, please don't gear your focus on just on aspect of the site, for that would derail the entire meaning of the original idea. Take a Breather and go back gaians, for we are drifting too far away .


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Milk_N_Dirt Report | 11/03/2013 1:52 am
cool avi
universyeol Report | 10/25/2013 5:32 pm
Thanks for the buy! biggrin
KyoKunChan Report | 04/16/2006 1:41 pm
Love you man...Love you so much...
*Kisses him*
The White Cat Report | 03/18/2006 3:48 pm
The White Cat
-pokes little Jack-

Quite the talkative one you be. :3

KyoKunChan Report | 01/29/2006 11:48 am
Thanks for the comment...
* ninja *