Hello all~! [: I welcome you to my profile x3 If you ask,yes,I am bi xP If I'm with a girl,I want to be...the one on bottom :///3 I'm lovable :3 And cuddly D: .... Cuddle buddlez? D: I'll be a pet(?) xP Btw,if you have any questions,please,send me a PM [[: Please,donate X//3 Thank you for reading this! [: Have a wonderful day,and if you need anything,just me! [: I also do avi art! X3 Need or want a drawing? Ask away! 8D All I ask for is 500g for it :] Not much :3 Alright then,I think that wraps it up! X3 Have a fantasablasablastic (XP) Day [[[:


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u should go to tis site http://gaiarares.webs.com/ cause i got 1,000,000
i cnt go to marketplace n buy stuff yt... l0l


Literate RolePlay.

I'm afraid of pop out books Dx Because things jump out and scare me! DX<~~~~~~

Mello was not a very mello fellow.So,he was called,The Un-mello Fellow.
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