This is a work in progress (After all, it's my life):

My name is Steven. I believe I am good at heart, and a logical thinker who analyzes things before making decisions. And when I do make a decision, I try to use Act Utilitarianism to do so. If you talk to me, then I will believe every word you say, because if you have any reason to lie to me, then that is reason enough. I am a trusting person, in hopes that you can trust me as well. My friend, Fyora Silverwolf, describes me as a neutral good druid, in Dungeons and Dragons terms. My friend xXMCRAngel2107Xx, described me as rarer than a shiny female Eevee. I don't stay mad at anyone for long, rarely longer than a day, to be honest. If you feel I am doing something wrong, tell me. I will most likely change and tell you that I didn't know it was wrong, or if it's something I believe is right, I will explain why I think it is right and am unwilling to change. I am searching for my faith, I believe God exists, but I don't eel ready to put my faith in Him.
There is very little I want solely for myself. The greatest happiness for me is to make others happy. One of the main reasons I do what I do is to make a difference in the lives of people, for the better. I will do my very best not to judge anyone. I will do my very best not to assume. I will do my very best to listen, and if you wish, offer advice. Go ahead and talk to me via PM, comment, or any other way you feel comfortable. I do my best to be honest and see the best in everyone.
I enjoy listening to music. While most of the day, I will be listening to Power Metal or Dream Theater, feel free to show me any bands, artists, or songs you listen to. I'll listen to any song twice; once to just take it in, and a second time to read the lyrics while listening to it (sorry, I've had mild hearing loss since birth). Yes, I'll listen to it twice even if it's an instrumental. I enjoy reading, although I have not been reading that much lately. Still, advise me a book and I'll look it up.
Well, that's all I can think about saying about myself for now. Anything you want to know, ask, I'll answer a majority of the questions anyone asks me. Until then, I wish you a pleasant day and wish everyone a bright and happy future.

Gaians I'd like to meet (And the order I'd like to meet them in) 3nodding
AngelicRamen, Morbereth, Craeh, Hissori Purotekuta-, FyoraSilverwolf, xXMCRAngel2107Xx.