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Iam anna. Anny. Iam 16 years old now, Iam a swimming and drama instuctor in my school now, so because of that, i couldnt go on gaia that often, sry for those who tried to contact me during the last few months~ Ill try replying bak all your messages, but please dont rush me; i really dont have enough time this few weeks or so C:

luv, anna

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questions asked (pm it to me)

can you donate items to me?
no, i do not do donations, unless your my friend.

can i have some gold?
no, i do not give gold out. But i have competition for everone, and there are nice prizes (gold and items)

Can you be my friend?
Sorry, but iam not accepting any friends right now. I have 4 pages of requests already, but if you see me in the towns, come and have a chat with me, were likely going to become friends that way.

Do you have a boyfriend?
Yes, i do. His name is Charlie/Charles, and i love him verymuch. And i do not intend to break up with him, so please, dont try.

How do i enter the competitions you do?
Everyone is welcomed to join my compeitions, if its about buying items, you just have to trade it with me (you will get a entering prize) or if its about drawings and arts, you'll have to pm it to me, ill reply you to let you know your in

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If there's other questions you asked me, its either been replied by pm or i havent read yet. I DO READ ALL of the questions and reply them, but it might take a few days or so, frequently asked questions will be written up here, if it is, please dont ask me the same questions (if any one would o.o) lols, xx anna


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Other things ♥

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- i do not do donations unless your my friend
- i do give out gold for competitions i hold weekly
- i luv comments! so pm me if you want to, replies may take longer though.. sry

Facts about me
* i LOVE robert hoffman
* i love starbucks
* i hate harrypotter!

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back on gaia wink


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my guild outgrageously gorgeous! accepting currently 62 submitted forms (you can pm it to me)
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- gaia artists guild is only opened for artists!
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