Hello! Well, my name is Jonathan(call me Jon) and im 13 (almost 14). I'm a true person and I'm open book. My life is no secret and neither is who I am. I am true to what I say, even if I shouldn't. I love who I am and no one can change that! If you have a problem with it then, VETE PAL CARAHO!! I have amazing friends, that I wouldn't trade for anything. I love my to 'sisters' Kenadi and Kaitlin, love you guys! I love my Bela, Alex, and Aniyah, they are the greatest kids known to man! razz
I'm weird as ********! I am a dork at heart and sorta a prep, but emo when I want to.
Thats all I can think of for now, so bye bye!


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He is the greatest guy ever and I'm glad were friends. I do anything for him. I love him. Lol.(:


My Big Sister, love you sis!