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This is me.

Greetings Stranger!
My name is Moonlit Silver and as you can see, I am a centaur. rolleyes Yea, I have four hooves. And yes, I literally have a horse's a**, but you dont need to assume that I am any different then any person that wants to be treated with respect. I have a very interesting past that shall be revealed through which ever roleplay I become involved in, but one thing that you should know is that I have an ever expanding bag that holds everything I need, including a staff, and a wand. Both of which I am very practiced in the use of!

*Looks around, hiding behind mother's hooves and tentetivly steps out*
H-hello. My name if Felix and I am Moon's son. I have a horse's body, but I am able to speak in any language and I have many centaurian gifts. I follow my mother just about everywhere and am rarely seen without her...
*Quickly dashes back behind mother's hooves*

*melds from shadows, standing in front of Moon and Felix. Sits down and curls tail around feline bodyl though the edges of my profile flicker as if I am made of shadows. Which I am.*
My name is Ferren and I protect, defend, and am a companion of the centaur known as Moonlit Silver. I owe her a debt which can never be repaid and am always ready to rip out the throat of the one that tries to harm either her or her offspring. Good day.
*Slinks back out of view*

((Hello everyone! The three characters above are the ones I roleplay with on this account. Moonlit Silver is also known as Moon for short. I do not reveal much about myself personally except that I love fantasy, gaia, and to roleplay. I am often tripping over matters in real life, so if I do not get to responding to a roleplay for a day or hour, please forgive me.
Feel free to shoot me a PM, or if I know you, or get to know you, send me a friend request! I must go now, but I always come back...))


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