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Please, call me by my IRL name, Virgil. ;D

My main interests are the arts --Music, Penciling, Writing, et cetera-- Linguism, Physics, and Electronics. My special medicines make me shuffle through my interests very quickly, going on hiatus from on and being interested in the rest. At the moment, I am staying away from Electronics and going very strongly into Linguism, but it will only be a few months before I am into Electronics and out of Linguism.
I speak fluent Latin after only three years on instruction, but I have taken seven years and a semester of Spanish, but I still cant get past "Hola". I can understand the jist of nearly any language through cognate recognition and derivatives. I also speak a little of Greek, Bulgarian, French, Portuguese, German, Russian, Japanese, Italian, and Arabic. I have family ties to Greece, Bulgaria, and Switzerland; therefore, I know a bit of Greek, Bulgarian, and Swiss-German respectively from interaction with relitives. I have visited Spain, France, & Portugal, so I know a bit of French and Portuguese (I already knew Spanish). Italian is very similar to Latin, and I used to work at a place that wrote milk lables in Arabic, so I know enough Arabic to say, "2% Milk: pasteurized, and homogonized. It is the best..." et cetera.
I play Tuba in my Uni's Band, I am second chair and i cannot seam to beat that ginger girl in first. I am in my fourth year of instruction on the tuba, and on my eighteenth year of instruction on piano. I have written three tunes, none of which were any good. I suck at drawing, but it is fun to do. I write short stories in my boredom, most of which have some sort of dramatic irony that unfolds itself at the end. I sometimes have fun with my Latin teacher by writing one of my stories in Latin and telling him to check over it. He will give me extra credit for this and it is very much needed, because I am very disorganized and I lose my homework very often.
Here is a sample:

"...In pictūrā deus Plūto pugnāt cum^ dracone caeruleō. In pictūra erat caelum aureum cum^ nūbībus niveīs. Undes ingēntes in mare erant. Plūto gerevīt togam pūrpūream sanguineamque cum^ margīs aureīs. Falx, quod tellum eius erat, nōn erat lingea, sed erat argentum cum^ gemmīs ingēntībus caeruleīsque. Sanguis niger draconis de falce dēcidit in mare. Draco ē marī ēmergit et in caelō circum draconem aqua erat. Nūllae flammae ex orō draconis iīt, quod erat draco maris. Quamquam lūx ē caelō vēnit, nox erat. Legiō cornīum auxilium Plūtōni dedit. Flōres pūrpūreī caeruleīque in lītus Graecum erant. Nāvis in mare nāvigāvit, sed undae ea ēmīsit quod ventus fortissimus erat. Pictūra quam pulcherrima erat...."

^ Gaiaonline's "Vchip" pulled a SOPA and censored out the Latin word "cum" which means with. stare

I Listen to lots of music and I am open to any type except country. I mostly listen to the pure sound qualities of orchestral music or trance if I'm feeling more modern.
I have a very open mind about religion and I love learning about different faiths. I, myself, am an agnostic theist, one who believes in a god, but doesn't know how that fits in with modern religion. I am the true middle ground in a religious standpoint, because I can accept anything, and I listen to reason, not faith.
My favorite color is midnight blue and my favorite color combo is
royal purple-deep red-gold. I am a Cancer according to the twelve zodiac calendar, and a Gemini according to the thirteen zodiac calender. I was born on the second of July.
I also do Role Playing with my OCs, Peristeri, Mouros, Seth, Kuknos, Papia, Gipas, and Spourgitis. check it out in my journal


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My OCs, Peristeri, Mouros, Seth, Kuknos, Papia, Gipas, and Spourgitis!


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