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|| I don't know how to tell you this, mr. Devanney, so I'll let these guys do it. ||



My name is charlotte ..

- But you may call me a i d s ` <33
- I can be a pain in the a**.
- I can't stand when people touch my feet..
- My writing looks like little boys writing.
- I suck at making friends.
- I want to be outrageous but inside I know I'm plain.
- I have selective hearing at times.
- I overanalyze just about everything.
- Excuses, excuses, excuses...one after the other.
- I make several mistakes & rarely learn from them.
- If you know me, you know I say stupid things when im upset.
- I don't really believe in anything apart from the good in people.
- I love my family and believe strongly in showing them loyalty and respect.

You cannot just exist in this world, you have got to try to live.


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And there's NO1 who can stop me .. >:'B


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A Decayed Autumn Report | 11/23/2017 11:25 pm
A Decayed Autumn
No problem.
THE WlZZ Report | 12/25/2010 8:31 pm
i look up to
im your biggest infected fan
xX.Terror.of.Death.Xx Report | 02/21/2010 11:49 pm
Are you mad at me? D:
Dipidoodleidous Report | 01/21/2010 10:55 am
have you found how much your art is going to be worth ?
Dipidoodleidous Report | 01/12/2010 8:01 am
When you know the prices on your avi art, lemme know cuz i'd love some of your art (:
Sexually Seductive Report | 12/10/2009 7:02 am
Sexually Seductive
And thats all i want.
Mantangables Revenge Report | 12/10/2009 6:35 am
Mantangables Revenge
Well that's people don't have as much access to them as they do the newer stuff, but if you're telling me that one day Black Sabbath, Bob Dylan, or even Mr. Cash will be forgotten one day, I hope I am dead, as I don't believe nor would I want to believe in reincarnation.

It's cool. Only regular nazi's suck anyway.
Mantangables Revenge Report | 12/10/2009 6:17 am
Mantangables Revenge
I like whatever sounds good, new or old. =P
As should everyone else.
Mantangables Revenge Report | 12/10/2009 5:59 am
Mantangables Revenge
Johnny Cashhhhhhh....Always good to see a fan of his.
Sexually Seductive Report | 12/04/2009 4:24 am
Sexually Seductive
You're welcome.
Also, i lubb you too.
My sexually transmitted disease.